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  1. Thank for this , I'm planning on going to collage this year so this really is helpful to me.especially the thought and touch ,hear .well actually all of it 😀❤

  2. I like pork and I won't unsubscribe. I always thought it was a health recommendation . I was told it was to live a long time. I have to go read Leviticus. I think that has the rules of the Isrealites.

  3. This resonates as complete truth, we allow and give authority to what comes into Our lives. STOP GIVING HIM AUTHORITY !!! Praise Jesus, repent daily, pray without ceasing!!!! Amen.

  4. Jesus said "it is not what goes into your mouth. It's what comes out of it." The old testament pig was considered bad. But in the new testament jesus changed that. No more sacrifice, he was the last and ultimate sacrifice. Please read it.

  5. Wassgood my guy, there is no devil no god it's all a fabrication made buy some bearded guys in a desert in a symbolic not literal language and extremely perverted and misinterpreted by Kings and the papacy over the last 1000 years

  6. I have a question to everyone. If the NWO is going to use the name of Jesus Christ, to identify the anti-christ in the times of the end, and there was never any letter J in the Hebrew or aramaic languages during the time period the savior was on earth….then how come we keep praying in Jesus' Name? Just curious to hear others opinions. And before you give your opinion, go watch truthunveiled777 channel – video named – the pagan origins of JC! Once you get done with this knowledge, then come back and answer what I asked.

  7. Yes. Thank you! Don’t forget to add; the devil also manipulates us threw our emotions and our good intentions, using our loving nature, against us. Keep on speaking the truth, and giving us clarity! God Bless you!

  8. Greeting good message however on pork issue just like paul withstand peter to the face i do also when it comes to eating certain food. Like has i said b4 even heathen know vegetable and certain heathly food give u long life and health body yes but that does,nt mean they follow christ spiritually…that the big deal follow christ spiritual and truth. Another than that ur on point immanuel….


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