Adam Thompson & Adrian Beale share proven ways to interpret and understand your dreams.
▶▶Divinity Code & Awakening the Prophetic [Digital Download]:

Australia’s Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale have learned the “language of heaven” for interpreting your dreams and visions. Just as Jesus taught in parables, so does God. Thousands have learned how to understand their dreams and so can you!

Your Dreams Are Less Mysterious and More Awesome Than You Think.
The Divinity Code. (Book) Just as Joseph and Daniel partnered with the Holy Spirit to gain understanding, so can you. With this book of master keys, you can unlock your God-parables, learn from them and even recognize when God has given you a warning! The Divinity Code’s powerful tools include:

The most extensive Christian dream dictionary ever assembled (with Scripture support).
An important dictionary of names and places.
A critical chapter on counterfeit interpretations by the occult.
101 interpreted dreams showing actual results.
An invaluable metaphor dictionary.

It’s time to embrace your God-parables. God wants you to understand what your dreams are saying!

Awakening the Prophetic Through Dreams and Visons. (Audio Series) Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale bring you powerful messages on interpreting dreams and visions. Among questions they answer:

• Why did Jesus teach in parables?
• What is the importance of context?
• Where does coincidence fit in?
• What is alpha sleep?

Adam and Adrian empower you to recognize different manifestations of the voice of God!

Adrian Beale and Adam Thompson are internationally recognized for their gifts in interpreting the voice of the Spirit in dreams, visions and supernatural phenomena. Both are from Australia and have many years of ministry there and overseas.

▶▶Divinity Code & Awakening the Prophetic [Digital Download]:



  1. "Knowledge is not afraid of the world. Knowledge is permanent; it is forever. It was with you before you came here, and it will be with you after you leave. It is not threatened by the world. But it is here on a mission. And for that mission to be fulfilled, it must prepare the rest of you—your mind and your body—for a greater service and participation in the world.

    This requires that you face reality, both within yourself and around you out in the world. This, of course, requires a deeper honesty, beyond what you think of at this moment, an honest reckoning of your deeper experience and what Knowledge is really telling you that is happening in the world around you.

    People look at difficult situations, and they hope for the best and assure themselves that it will be dealt with by someone, somehow, as if they were merely bystanders in life. But the man or woman of Knowledge looks and sees what is coming and sees if people have the courage and the will to prepare.

    Here you face life clearly, objectively, with greater sobriety, but also with greater strength and compassion. As you learn to take the Steps to Knowledge, the deeper Mind within you, you begin to gain its sense of permanence and strength, certainty and determination. You see this lacking in others, and that is why they live such unfulfilling lives— chasing pleasures and dreams and fantasies, running away from anything that scares them or that challenges their ideas or notions.

    But the calling is for you. The world is a proving ground for you. Regardless of what other people do or do not do, or say or do not say, the challenge is for you. You must understand this, or you will defray your responsibility onto others. “Well,” you say, “what are people going to do? How can I share this with people? And how are people going to change?” That is trying to pass along the responsibility to someone else.
    " quoted from the newmessage org > The Message > The Journey To a New Life > Courage and The Will To Prepare

  2. Looks like all the disciples had to do was go to sleep and dream they were praying with JESUS in the garden according to this video. LOL!

    The Agony in the garden…..scripture below:

    'And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?'

    Matthew 26:40

  3. 'Lord give me double portion of King Solomon's wisdom….'

    Not possible see below scripture:

    'Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee.'

    1 Kings 3:12

  4. God blessed me with gift of seeing dreams and vision. and i m learning from God to interpret dreams. and teaching on same topic. in India people have many religions and many faiths on it so some times they get dreams about real God. this video help me to understands more on dreams. i can say i am a dreamer.

  5. Amen Amen Amen I receive this impartation to receive Divine dreams and interpret them as well as the wisdom to understand and walk in the revelation GOD is giving me through them in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Father I also pray that You allow be to serve the Body of CHRIST in this gift in JESUS Name AMEN.

  6. I do have dreams and visions but as Sid rightfully said I don't know what they mean. I keep trying to understand and start assuming which is of no use. Therefore, I declare & decree that I receive this impartation in Jesus mighty name, Amen 🙏

  7. Dream several years ago: I'm seated in behind Steering of a black s550 mercedes. My husband seated directly behind me in back seat. My sister standing outside near car on passenger side with her hands folded and smiling. It was obvious she owned vehicle. What is meaning of dream? Why was husband in rear seat and not front with me?

  8. thankyou, 14 years ago I wanted God to show me is real… I truly got the whole package, names of God, Holy Spirit filling… dreams and visions etc…. it's been a painful journey… however I am open to Lear from others…. I was crying out (as I very often do) that He would make Himself very real, just after the man praying mentioned it…. I had an revelation experience of seeing our Father…. I have experience Jesus, Holy Spirit and angles….i appreciate all your work, time etc…. sending blessings and love

  9. I submit to you this. This is going to be the hardest time to get through for one reason. ITS THE FINISH LINE. THIS WALK OF TIMES EDGE, IS ALMOST OVER GLORY TO GOD!!!!! Now that "hard time" seems much easier. So stop walking, START RUNNING!!!

  10. I had 2 visions of my daughter sitting at a desk laughing. God told me she was getting a new job and where it would be. Today she got the job that I saw in the visions.❤️ I had a dream that my son would sell his property when the mulberries were ripe on the ground. When he got his check from the sale, I walked into the yard and there were ripe mulberries on the ground❤️

  11. I strongly believe that God can speak to us through our dreams…. I’ve had a rapture dream, dreams of warnings, and dreams of correction and blessing. Jesus you are sooooo good. 🔥 I release the fire of the Holy Spirit and dream interpretation over every believer that would like this gift!!! Believe you have received it in FAITH (warning… the enemy attacks a lot with a strong dream interpreter but God is always in control) please pray for me because I get a lot of vivid dreams every night. God bless you all


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