This short animated movie is about the purpose of life.

How you can find? Is it even possible on your own? Can you engage in a conversation with your creator?

God has given us a tool, and in this video, we want to explain how you can use it – without going offtrack! Unfortunately most people go offtrack, because they listen to their own thoughts, or depend on human authority.

We want to give you a basic, but very functional, toolkit to read the bible and start a relationship with your creator… maybe again… or maybe for the first time. And hey, it’s never too late! He waits for you… eagerly.


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➕ Crosspaint is not connected to any church system and purely crowd-funded. It strives to encourage young people all over the world through contemporary mediums to stick close to the Bible and be faithful to Jesus Christ for the last few miles.

🎬 Crosspaint’s mission is to ignite a passion in people for Jesus. We believe only the Bible and the Holy Spirit can do this, so we explain the Bible in easy language and sweet images. In between, we drink a good cup of coffee.

“It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed/painted” – Gal 3:1



  1. Here are three reference texts required to comprehend the "Symbolical Language of Scripture", aka "The Code" which is used throughout the Bible and most ancient writings, and which "they" still use today in in popular music and other mind control stratagems :

    1] King James Bible; COMPREHENSIVE TEACHERS EDITION, with comprehensive helps to bible study, Chapter XL page 136 – 139. Bagster & Sons London

    2] Charles Daubuz, A Symbolical Dictionary 1843 Nisbet and Company London.

    3] Interpreting the Symbols and Types, Kevin J Conner, 1992 City Christian Publishing

    If one is unaware of what the Bible calls the "Symbolical Language of Scripture" (words that represent symbols and their meanings) defined therein, you're reading who knows what, and subsequently,
    "Ye worship ye know not what" Joh 4: 22

    Here is an example of the Symbolical Language; HEAVEN AND EARTH ARE BOTH LISTED AS SYMBOLS in the Bible, and do not mean the cosmos and the planet, whereas, neither one of them are capitalized as proper nouns, because heaven is defined as "A position of power" and earth is a condition, '"A people in a state of submission"; "woman" is a symbol meaning "Church false as well as true"; so one will not get past the Heading GEN' E- SIS. nor the first sentence if one does not know this; this gives a whole new meaning to what was created and what was made for Adam doesn't it?

    Now you can read the scriptures "By the Book" and according to Authorized Texts and Recognized Experts on this subject, not according to historical inaccuracies, preconceived notions, popular misconceptions, someones opinion, or ones own imagination.

  2. Lost me. Spent too much time trying to be a salesmen. Most people need empty feelings and some need substance. Get to the substance faster so you can prove that you know what you're talking about instead of blowing sunshine

  3. I’m so happy to find this channel! I’m a new Christian, and the bible studies at church are for people who grew up with Christianity. I’ve been looking for something like this..Thank you!

  4. The basic message is easy to understand. Preschoolers can understand it. However, because God's wisdom is manifold you could study the Bible as a Spirit filled follower of Christ for 100 years and still barely scratch the surface. Jesus , whose name is called The Word of God (Rev. 19:13), is deeper still.

  5. Guys i need your help !! Please pray for my negative thoughts, i cannot handle it and it keeps me back from reading the Bible because i think that i cannot understand it o remember it and this happens to m whenever i try to read a book or something. 😭😭


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