How to read and study your Bible! I get so many questions on how to read and study the Bible that I wanted to make a video all about it along with note taking and prayer journal tips. I hope this helps you to want to read and study your Bible! xo Cambria
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  1. I am so glad you brought up the thief on the cross in this! So many times people bring up the rituals and rules of religion and while it is important to not wait until the very last second of your life to start believing in Jesus lol, this story proves God's grace and mercy and that He looks upon our true hearts. I always bring up this story when talking to people about this topic. Love this video! 🙂

  2. The issue with KJV is it is based on not so great Greek source – since the times it has been made, the sources have been improved due to historical research and discoveries

  3. Love your video and what you said is so true. But one thing is missing near the end of your video about a person asking for God to come to them and wanting a relationship. When they are speaking to God and wanting him in their lives, they also have to repent for their sins in that same conversation. Sin separates us from Gpd, this is why we have to truly repent for our sins as ask for forgiveness first an then tell God or ask God to come into your life and so on…..

  4. Thank you for sharing. This was very helpful and even inspiring to me as I have been trying to spend time every day reading as well as studying my Bible again at this point in my life. I love your energy and enthusiasm. 🙏🥰

  5. Actually, according to the revelation in the next war one third of the human race will die in just one hour by fire and brimstone. If you have read
    It. Revelation chapter 18v 17, to 19.
    The same story is written in revelation chapter 9, and 16. The is retold several times over. So they can explain it better. In chapter 6 he has seen the 7 angels, and the events that'll eventually couse our, or the human race to be destroyed. The events are written in chapter 8 and 9. Explaining things in more detail. From chapter 6.
    And in chapter 15, and 16 he goes into more detail about the same events. O yes, actually Jesus is our father Adam. Mathew chapter 23v 8and 9.


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