1. Download WeChat and setup your profile.
2. Tap on “Me” in the bottom right corner and tap on “Wallet”.
3. Land on your WeChat Wallet home screen and tap on “Balance”
4. Press Next enter your mobile number and create WeChat Wallet pin.
5. You are now registered and can top up your wallet or link a card.

WeChat Wallet | Simple, Secure Mobile Payments.



  1. You guys need Chinese ID, otherwise the Wallet function won't show up. WeChat transactions is strictly monitored by Chinese government, therefore any transactions done by foreigners is hard to track. To remove risk of scams, Chinese government disable the function for foreigners. Doing so, if there are any scammers reported, Chinese government will have that person in bars, in less than 24 hours. You also require approved Chinese bank account. If you have Alipay account, it has to be linked into approved Chinese bank account, otherwise some functions such as cash withdrawal is removed.

  2. Here how you find the wallet. First, go to "Contacts", second find the "Search" bar then type Wallet. finally, you can see "My wallet" on Top Hits. I hope it helps, if not kms


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