This is my experience in the last 10 years trying to wake up people that I was sleep in it amazes me you can show them all the evidence in the world you can give them testimony from people that were actually at the event that they don’t believe it Kurt you can hold it in front of them and the cognitive dissidents in the predictive programming will pop up like an alarm system it’s amazing but I digress
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  1. Richie I have been trying to wake people up to all this shit I don't know if you believe in Flat Earth but I totally believe in it everyone totally just tries to make me feel stupid and I'm thinking not y'all are stupid I have woke up a small number of people but from everything everyone's been taught from a young age to Hollywood putting in movies to deceive us and I don't know if you watch TV but if you look at the commercials like the Walmart commercial in like toy commercials who commercials they throw up Illuminati and Freemason symbols and hand signals and subliminal messaging and all our kids cartoons and it's just a crazy world we live in I'm really glad that I came across your video cuz I subscribe to your channel and also subscribe to call for an uprising and a few other few that I really like if you can give me any tips on how to make people go away in a second. Does sound not good then give me some tips thank you my name is Ashley

  2. Ritchie u need to come to Cleveland to wake my parents up…lol… they just dont care man and its sad… shit if i show them this vid it might do it..this is good stuff!

  3. We the children of Creation, that guides and educates, we observe the original everlasting designer's laws of physics, clearly seen on 9/11,The Gov. story, No match,for reality. we are hated by evil doers / hard to do a crime /we will see through it..

  4. I always get wow were did you find that picture or video of the sky…it's awesome was it on Facebook Google….i just simply say look the fuc# up and you can see it….really for real oh well can't we watch something funny…i love all you dumbsmartfuckares…i hope humanity will wake before it is to only believe you can't handle the simple truth because your told you can't…just some of us somehow between the meds to keep us inline as a child and the good school's we didn't get lost like the others ..jst be there for when there ready.

  5. Apparently the planes were holograms.  Now there's a beer commercial revealing a hologram.  There were construction workers who quit because they saw the buildings had been DESIGNED to demolish.

  6. RFB, it's PFB. family and friends look at me and I can read wat they think of me! I'm nuts!!! totally agree what you say, u can't wake up folks!……To be continued..m

  7. I did a small amount of research the other day on an epiphany that I had after doing some critical thinking. the moon never turns, rotates. the explanations I found were so far out that I had to stop looking into it. effin nuts man. hey richiefromboston ,,, Johnny here, from Maine, I'd like to know if you read thru or scan your comments and ever get mine, cause o have recently been watching your channel and it's turned into my daily news lol. I know you have lots of videos and so many more comments but I want you to know I support you big time brudda, keep it up man, never let em silence ya

  8. it's like all these 'sleepers' have O.D.D. ( OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE DISORDER). THANK YOU RICHIE, thank you for being one that is putting forth the effort and stickin your neck out there to speak out.

  9. There's nothing frustrating like trying to point out the moon to someone and s/he is staring at your finger.

    Ignorant people are the loudest and the first one to talk…What a coping skill!


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