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  1. Here's something that I'm writing about Jesus Christ.
    Shooting Biblical lyrical bullets
    Executing critical spiritual fill ups
    Including livable historical hook ups
    Recruits being believeable hearing on accurate piece

    I use Rhymezone for my rhymes. I have FL Stufio on my phone and on my desktop so I can create my own beats. I love the hard trap beats and the dark trap brats. I try to come up with beats that fit my lyrics. I'd be looking forever for the beats that I want to use. So I create my own.
    It's a dream of mine to be a Christian rapper. I also have a desire to make it cool to follow Jesus Christ as well. I have experiences that God has allowed me to have.

  2. Nice flow brother, This really helped with me to practice with my Uncle on how to rap to beats, and how to get a Lyrics written down like that… Chur brother.
    God Bless.

  3. What's going on Isaiah my name is Chris I used to do worldy rap but I never come across into doing Christian rap I always want to get into doing both singing and doing Christian rap I used to do both rap and sing and when I was young and my teenager age I used to sing in the choir and I kinda got myself away from involved into doing worldy rap but now I'm looking to change and I'm willing to learn how to do Christian rap and write songs looking forward to continue to watch more of your videos

  4. Listen to THE PIONEERS who labored in the shadows, never got the riches or the fame or the Grammys, but laid the foundation.
    Like Soup and Peace 586, and that whole Socal movement of associated groups (JC & the Boyz, SFC, Freedom of Soul, Tunnel Rats, Gospel Gangstaz, Dynamic Twins)
    Plus D-Boy Rodriguez, ETW, T-Bone, GRITS , Cross Movement… even Rev Run from RUN DMC!
    Listen to the old school beats and lyrical flows. So much to learn from.
    Grab Soup the Chemist's book Through My Windows , which is a personal history of the roots of gospel rap in the late 80s and 90s and beyond.
    Soup has a special place in my heart because he (as SFC) was the first "real" gospel rap video I saw on a secular channel (BET).

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