After COVID-related delays, “Top Gun: Maverick” has finally hit movie theater screens, and the buzz around the new film is nothing …



  1. Wow Val’s daughter couldn’t have looked any more uncomfortable in that shot with her dad. Val was a ragging asshole for many many years I can’t imagine that relationship is very tight but who knows from a picture lol

  2. When I watched the movie I was thinking, I'm glad Val Kilmer is in this move even if it's technically off screen and they showed him, it was such a heart warming moment! I have been recommending this movie to so many people because it was good on so many levels.

  3. I was ugly crying during this scene. Then the one where Mav gets the call..That wrecked me man. The guy sitting next to me handed me all his napkins from his food order. You'd think I lost a family member at that moment.
    Truth be told I've lost folks to cancer in the past two years n have a few folks battling so it was really hard for me.
    Oscar worthy Best movie of 22


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