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  1. Every anti-abortion politician should have to take, and pass a test about pregnancy. Enough with ignorant men who say stupid things like, "If it is 'legitimate' rape, a woman cannot become pregnant".

  2. Uruguay and the USA are the only countries I think who legalized Abortion.

    But here's the thing:
    I am a proud gay and I know that I won't ever understand how it feels to be pregnant but killing an unborn child is the most devilish way for you to kill someone in the future. In the first place after all, this BS should have NOT legalized!!! What a stupid bunch of moronic, imbecile law makers are they even lawyers??? What happened to their morals??? Where is it???

  3. Funny my body my choice on abortion but all these women were so nasty for anyone not taking a vaccine. So take a new vaccine treatment with no drug insert but you must take it that has never stopped the spread of covid but "don't tell me what to do with my body with abortion. Disgusting. Hypocrisy. Seems like when you should have spoke up about my body my choice you pick your choices. No you women never let anyone make a their choice with the vaccines.

  4. Mother means cause to be her seed and the womb are the main seed and the agent making a baby she controls the fetus that she grew. She's responsible for her pregnancy because it's her body she's in possession of proceeds and her seed . She's responsible for her pregnancy because she can only let us swim in at a certain time and her a actively pools in his and possession

  5. Cmon this is only a topic so democrats can jump on the right side all the Republicans are saying is they don't want it sent in the mail, do yr research ppl…do you want yr kids getting abortion pills in school, that's where this is going

  6. Our health system is not the best and also sometimes a death happens in the process of a life that must be taken out of a life to move on and allow creation to continue for another life that may come.

  7. There is a reason a person makes a decision to terminate a pregnancy and from what I hear most females say it's more reasons than a man or a female born into wealth will ever understand. I think if America and the world was better on humanity there would be plenty of babies born all over the planet.

  8. Abortion is leagle in the US so at this point your just bitching at people who hold a diffrent opinion .I don't need to change my stance on abortion to help you feel better about getting one.

  9. I have a better solution for women. It is your right as women to do the following so that you don’t get pregnant and have abortions:

    1. Abstain and close your legs.
    2. Take the plan b pill or birth control
    3. Have the man wear a condom
    4. Women, wear an internal condom
    5. Have the guy pull out
    6. Take it in the SSA
    7. How about YTTIT GNIKCUF????
    8. Oh, I know, WOLB jobs and hand jobs.
    9. Use toys

    Doing one or all of these will guarantee you not getting pregnant. Pretty simple.

    Be responsible so that you don’t have to murder an innocent baby.

    And spare me your .5% to 1% of cases of incest and rape, respectively. Those cases can be looked at on a case by case basis.

  10. Why does Whoopi Goldberg keep acting like thier are no women in the Gop. In fact Women account for 43% of House Democrats and 31% of Senate Democrats, compared with 16% of House Republicans and 18% of Senate Republicans. Still, the number of GOP women in the House is at its highest total yet: 35, up from 30 in January 2021, when the 117th Congress began.Jan 3, 2023


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