Please keep a watch on Hurricane Jose, Hurricane Maria, and Lee folks!!! I just went through Hurricane Irma here in Central Florida. That was my 6th major Hurricane and they don’t get any easier. Abba Father had his hand over us or it would have been much worse. Please remember and pray for the people suffering in the islands, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Please don’t forget all the people from Hurricane Harvey and Houston. Also all the homeless and elderly that may need our support after these storms. Thanks to all the first responders, power line guys, and all volunteers that work tirelessly after these major events. God bless you all!

H.R.3732 – Emergency Aid to American Survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Jose Overseas Act
01/03/2017??? This Act may be cited as the “Emergency Aid to American Survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Jose Overseas Act”

Hurricane Jose – 911 Hurricane Erin – Weatherman, Military Spraying Chaff

Trillion Watt Lasers – Modifying Weather From The Sky

What Do HAARP, Hurricane Harvey, IRMA, and Jose Have In Common?

Geostorm The Movie – Climate Chaos October 20, 2017

Worldwide Chemtrails – Hurricane Harvey – Hurricane Irma – Weather Modification

#HomelessLivesMatter – Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

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God bless everyone. Yeshua Jesus loves you all!

****Hurricane Harvey Help and Assistance****

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