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  1. Amazing Show!….Saw Dr. Polny’s segment when he spoke at the Reawaken America Tour in Arizona….An excellent presentation; and it was so inspiring when he and his wife presented a lady in your audience with the silver🥰. Blessings to both of you and your families…I feel so blessed to receive Godly knowledge from men of God such as you…Thank You for ALL you do.🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏.

  2. you are right on with the 1st seal! bow comes from the word TOXON, the root word toxin. toxon can also been translated as poisonous darts/arrows!! apollo is known for having caused and "healed" epidemics with his poisonous arrows… the red horse ww3, end of nato?

  3. Im a brand new listener.. Who does Bo recommend buying silver from? Does it matter if it's coins or bars? I don't have time to go back & catch everything I've missed in his informative videos so any other important info/tips I've missed is much appreciated!

  4. Awesome video. Investing in Binary options trading with Mr Corey has been very profitable, i was able to recover my son's school fees which i lost trading all by myself. He is a man of his words

  5. I'm so excited receiving my payout from investing with Mr Corey. Happiness is when your aim and desire in life are being achieved. Still doubting the efficiency of my word? Give it a try and have the satisfaction you can obtain for yourself. Mr Corey is undeniably the best when it comes to trading.

  6. One thing Bo you talking the whole time about the dollar collapse but weekly chart of the dollar looking strong AF.. Thats why cryptos and other markets losing power..

  7. This is great for people who have liquid assets to buy silver and gold but what are the rest of the middle class supposed to do? The average worker who doesn’t have this type of liquid money is then just forgotten as usual? The rich get richer scenario? I love you Clay and Bo but MOST people have never made 12k a week (legally). Most average people just want to have a vehicle, eat, stay warm, have enough to pay their taxes so that the beaurocratic hounds of hell don’t come for you and hopefully have enough money to afford some health care. A lot of the precious metals brokers want a minimum of 10k to order. I’m weary of trying to figure everything out. I guess God is going to have to provide for those of us who are not able to do these types of transactions.


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