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  2. Warning! Do not allow your children to visit ," Miranda Cosgrove on Instagram…she posted a selfie of herself sitting in her backyard with two untouched pizzas (pizza is paedophile code for "Little girl lover"). Verify FBI broke the Hollywood paedophile secret code symbols.

  3. Ive been leaning on God so much these days bc churches are accepting such things and the streets are….I really feel like we are in the last and evil days. Girls turning into boys with straps. Men turning into girls with penisis 🤮🤢 im so upset bc now you dont know what youre dating the devil is getting more clever.

  4. Satan is ordained by God to pay back all that he has stolen 1000 fold in the courts of heaven and their Hollywood lifestyles, chattels & lives are going to quickly rust and turn to dust. Think their songs and music are evil. I send them back to hell in the holy name of Jesus Christ Get thee behind me in Jesus name Satan. All would do well to repent and ask Jesus to save your soul from an eternity in the flames of hell's fire. Repent soon for time is very very short now Satan's last days have been numbered. Repent or you will surely die.

  5. They want to degrade men for men is made in the image of God Satan wants to destroyed the 10 commandment's well he has its truly shokking God's Law is given to keep try order and peace to keep things balance for with out it their is no order nor respect towards others very sad.

  6. Thank you brother ❤️ I will carry on being hated by the world, but I will still love them, as Jesus teaches. 🤲🏾❤️. JESUS IS LORD FOREVER 🤲🏾❤️ Shalom brothers and sisters ❤️

  7. This happened to society because everybody was saying back in the seventies and eighties oh I don't care what people do in their own life's bulshit you should have cared because this is the outcome

  8. Just to clarify to people out there/ the world can be classed as civilization.
    So those who live in the civilian life style, be aware this is governed by an ancient Cannanite System.
    Which has been the same system that has governed every major Empire that has ever existed.
    These empires were run by this system that revolves around ancient Saturn worship , taking different forms of idolatry each era .
    We are about to enter the golden age where the price will rise and the sheep will be scattered.
    When the time comes and the spirit called all soldiers will rise and make ready for the last war.
    Be not dismayed by the thing in the world that u see and hear for the Lucifer has his time shortly to rule.
    There will be places off the grid that born against will be able to go to when the time comes, remember these things must take place.
    End time events , the Saturn gate has been opened around the world, they will utilizes the 4g network to control the masses this will come to happen.
    Follow the holly spirit .let the rest pass as it must.


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