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  1. God loves when we suffer, it tends to build good qualities.

    Pessimism about my own loneliness, the unending singleness, probably colors my outlook but that's how I see it because things continue in the direction of suffering. If God didn't think it was so good or desireable to cause me to suffer then why else does He subject me to it?

  2. We just don’t know how to find someone compatible and suitable for us , because we put or feelings instead of the truth! I was married 2 times and every relationship after that went down hill , no one was compatible I just relied on my feelings instead of looking in what God wanted in marriage , now that I’m a Christian I get it and now I’m happy with my singleness . I have family grandchildren great Christian friends and more than anything God when there is a void his peace brings me the peace i need and understanding I leave it to him ‘

  3. I feel like your really talking to us 😅 like you are not infront of camera haha
    I'm single and yeah I am not alone . We can do this with the love of CHRIST ♥️🙏

  4. In my personal case, I have realized that I am simply not built for dating at all. I can't get attracted to anyone at all and I can't love anyone period. I am also too old at 40 to get started with dating for the first time anyway.

  5. 100 percent agree with you brother. I've said this as well. Preparation is a thing but it's not the thing. The thing is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Keep it up bro

  6. Single Christians are being taught how to manage their singleness, not move beyond it, if that's what they want. It's unfair to assume because someone is single that they're not ready, or there is something lacking in their relationship with God and he needs to "teach them something". It could be poor choices, bad attitude or not looking in the right place. Sometimes there is a practical solution, not more hyper-spiritual busywork.

  7. The key question I end up asking is ..why do others that clearly have not achieved victory in key areas but still find a partner despite not being ready when others are ready but don't get a partner. Could it be that this stuff is irreverent and that single and married just doesn't matter to God and getting a life partner is just dumb luck and God cares about other aspects of our lives but not particularly this . After 20 years of waiting one cannot stay in this mindset, life must be lived over the long term

  8. I've had more success understanding women by reading after the godless PUAs. I think that's a black-eye on the modern church, because nothing I learned in church gave me the tools to effectively attract a woman.

  9. RP has a lot of concepts that come over and transition nicely into faith, it's only when it's misused and you have guys collecting harems and encouraging that kind of activity that it goes astray. Focus on yourself and being the man God wants you to be, don't focus on chasing girls, they'll come to you when they see who you are and to be frank, being unmarried is the depressingly better alternate right now. There are so many Christian men and men in general that enter into marriage, they go years being happily married and then they find out their wife was cheating or that before marriage and knowing you they were a different more "sexually liberated" person and they essentially put on an act for you. This goes for women regrettably too and they have their own set of problems to undertake, but i speak as a man from a man's point of view and everyone of my friends have or had good father's and their wives cheated on them or they were going through some rough times emotionally, physically, financially or a combination of these and their wives left, this includes my own mother.

    Do I still want to get married? Yes absolutely, but I don't want to put my love goggles on and be too eager when someone enters my life that I see it as a gift from God and not a test, this goes for man and for woman, the flesh is weak and you got to be on the lookout for those signs or you'll find yourself in a bad spot

  10. To be fair most people who go into relationships are also not ready. The divorce rates and the domestic violence rates are a good sign for that. Sometimes you are just not attractive to the opposite sex. Or you put yourself into situations which make it impossible for you to find a partner (for example I'm in an almost male exclusive space). Or you have such high expectations (in the wrong places) that you overlook any suitable spouse.
    I'm also one of those people who thinks that God has a plan for our life. But people with this mindset often put all the blame on God instead of looking if they do something wrong when it comes to proper dating. Have you heard of the saying "Pray as if everything depends on God and act as if everything depends on you." Focusing on God and focusing on improving your life is a good thing to have and training patience and thankfulness is also a good thing. But if you want a spouse you might also look at what the opposite sex is attracted to and how you can be visible to the people you want to be attracted to. And being realistic which caliber of man/woman is attracted to you should also be payed attention to. For example there are only so many supermodels. If you are broke they won't marry you. And there are only so many 6figure guys. If you are fat and have an out of wedlock child then they won't marry you.

  11. Damn, dude, this self-abasement is difficult to watch. Allow me to be the antithesis of Job’s friends right now. Did it ever occur to you that you’re perfect and that maybe God is protecting you from these awful, sinful women that profess to be Christians but would be horribly contentious wives? Why is it that Christian leaders these days always attack men for being men and yet never, ever say one thing to women and what they need to work on?

  12. 1 Corinthians 7. Read it till the truth of your life becomes clear. Also, God can indeed chastise or punished believers. Ask King David after Bathsheba. It is possible to idolize a spouse or concept of a spouse. I am speaking as a 42 year old single person.

  13. It's fascinating to see this guy bitch and moan about being single so much while he hates and encourages tons of hatred against gays and people in various different groups. Why is what his life's situation different? Yes, usually Christians are very self absorbed…

  14. Oh my my! I'm 22 and never been in relationship. Now as I look back I see why God was not letting me get into one. Thank you God.I resonate with this a lot. It's like someone finally spoke my mind. So, I'm gonna serve LORD and let Him unfold and lead me into His will.

  15. Being single is: so. Much. Better. Than. Being. With. A. Toxic. Person.

    Trust me on this as I've experienced both.

    And many of them put on a good show and it's hard to tell.

    If you are single, trust God's timing and know that it's best.


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