I met Jesus and He is Peace and He is also Love.
Eternity with God can only be achieved by accepting the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.
Our sins have separated us from a righteous and holy God, but in His Mercy, Grace, and love towards us He has made a way of escape for all those who seek it. I am talking to you, right here and right now. God has an AMAZING gift for you, it costs you nothing but it caused Him to shed every drop of blood He had so He could purchase it for you. What is it? It’s your salvation. Jesus Christ was crucified, died, was buried and rose again on the THIRD DAY according to the Scriptures. He did all that for YOU, to buy your pardon to SET YOU FREE. All you have to do is believe in the Son of God and His finished work on the calvary cross for the forgiveness of all your sins, past, present and future.ย  Once you believe and place your full trust in Jesus, you are saved. Your sins will be forgiven and His righteousness will be imparted on you. Time is running our, accept that FREE GIFT of salvation today.



  1. I've had dreams of Jesus but he has never hugged me in dreams, I wish to recieve a big hug from him in my dream so I can feel that๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ thank you my brother in Christ for sharing this and you're right we are saved by grace not by Works I'm so grateful for the blood of Jesusโค

  2. Brother!! Me as well! It was back in 2008 and it changed my countenance so that everyone who knew me commented that I " was glowing" and changed. I kept that expierience close to my heart as a Bride of Christ.
    I was in a giant woven basket floating in the heavens and there were others in the basket and I knew I was where i had come from and was about to step out toward Him and he placed His hand on the door and instructed me it was not time yet and I had to go back to finish. I am here and there for now!
    I believe that I am so small and frail that in His Great Mercy He knew I needed this experience to stand in these last days and not stumble. Please check out my channel and let us sharpen one another and edify Christ as His Bride!

  3. Thank you. I've shared your video. Cried tears of memories of His faithfulness over my life, even when I've sinned terribly and felt so far away from Him. I was caught up in legalism, and have felt others' heavy religious burdens. Then I ran far away, knowing I was His, but defeated. Still struggle so much with it. By faith, I choose to believe on Jesus. Your words pierced my heart, and I know this message was for me. Praise Jesus.

  4. All glory to God. Easy message of faith for those who believe, a stumbling block for the Jews and foolishness to the greeks, but to those who hold faith in the finished works of Jesus shall not be made to stumble in foolishness.

  5. Amen brother, well said !!! Beautiful dream and so blessed you shared with us ๐Ÿค— Absolutely the only way to be saved! People have perverted the Gospel. Oh ye foolish Galatian's….Hallelujah, it is written. Jesus bless you and your family brother ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ†™๏ธ๐Ÿ•Š

  6. Thank you for sharing brother, I cried when you talked about the love you felt when Jesus held you in ur arms and also I love ur passion for the TRUE GOSPEL! The works of my Father is to believe on the one whom HE has sent, this is the works of God! AMEN Brother!! Gonna share this on my community post! God bless you ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ•Š


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