1. Sister Amy I can explain to you the meaning of your dream according to the Bible ..why women and not men and the meaning of billets according to the scriptures ..always bring your dreams to match with the Bible and I can give you scriptures

  2. We as Hebrews do not worship Jesus. We worship Ahayah The Most High Creator. I will be one to transform because I am one of the Great Great grand daughters of Abraham. I am Black like Yeshua. He came to the lost sheep of Isreal to lead them back to the Torah. He said did Not come to be served. He came to fulfill the law by telling us to worship Ahayah Only.

    You will see us soon.

  3. Thank You for sharing! Also people, do not take the V which Is the mark of the beast in his NAME. 4 ways to take it according to Rev 13:16-18 Hand, forehead, number or name. The V is the mark in his name. Repent for all your sins daily, pray daily, read the bible daily and follow all of Jesus commands, every single one and you will be saved. Stay on the narrow Path. Overcome!

  4. Praise the Lord, Father I pray the the word spoken by your servant be acted upon in our lives, whenever your word is spoken by a faithful vessel, it will be as it is spoken, Father keep this vessel of your love for the lost and church at large safe in your Pavilion in Jesus mighty name .


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