Blog Post with Resources for SINGLENESS:
I set aside an entire year to be intentionally single! It was a huge blessing! Singleness is a gift from God! I hope this video encourages you to seek the Lord in your season of waiting (whether it’s singleness or anything else). Christ is enough!

My new Bible – CSB Legacy Bible:









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  1. Ash!! I became addicted to your videos. I have 3 questions please: 1- where did you learn the Bible, which bible school you went to and which preachers do you listen to? 2- How long do you spend in the word and prayer every day? 3- which church do you go to? I think that’s more than 3 questions 🙄😜Thank you so much.. I love you .. I love you.. I love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💞

  2. I have been single all my life but I think mentally, I haven't. It sounds weird, but I think my brain has always been attached and searching for things and longing for things (not necessarily just relationships) but like aspirations and dreams and being anxious and worried about what I'll be doing in the future and how I will make an impact on the world. But this video definitely helped point out, more than just the importance of singleness in relationship terms, but also having God as our single ambition and goal. Because it doesn't matter about the impact we have on other people's lives, but instead it matters about the impact God has had on our lives and what we can do to share that with others. This video was definitely useful! No better time than the present to focus on and give our lives over to God <3

  3. Single and totally hearing you on EVERY point Ashley! Oh my my. When you mentioned the hubby point.. I was like .. rebuke! Haha thanks for being so transparent with your journey!

  4. "I'm not gonna wait for getting married to start living now." That's the most important I think and thank you so much ❤️ a lot of people, Christians and non-believers thinks that life cannot start before you're not in a relationship, and that you can't be "someone" without a life partner. It's such a toxic message! You are awesome, you are valid, you are loved and you can and will do amazing things by yourself, it doesn't matter if you have a spouse or not! You are not only a half of a pair but a 100% individual, not only as a single person but as a person in a relationship too. This is a very important message and a very important video! ❤️

  5. Am setting for the for the longest time one year is not even enough for me being single i want more than one ….till i have accomplished something i badly want to challenge myself

  6. I am soooo thankful for this video, honestly!
    At first, I was avoiding it because I threw "myself" in the same challenge of being single for a whole year, almost out of reasons, at the beginning of June… And I was feeling so bad because I felt as if I was doing bad, because I had longings and realised a lot of my weaknesses… But, as usual, your video was such a blessing! Thank you ❤

    I'm pretty reassured that you've had the same struggles. Your video brought me a lot of joy and relief, and confidence for the rest of my challenge. I'm thankful God sent you, may He bless you beyond measure and your wildest dreams 🙏💕

  7. Can you do a video on what to do when you “move into” a new Bible? Do you go back and highlight things as they were highlighted in the previous? Do you go back and copy notes?

  8. This is great! I have really embraced singleness and it has been a breath of fresh air! I know God will find a godly man for me one day. I have been focusing on my move from one state to another. And I know God has something in store for me in my new town.

  9. I’m really starting to get settled in my singleness (after years of consistent relationships with little time to heal in between). I’m learning how to make Christ my first love and allow Him to mend my heart where it needs healing.

  10. started my year of singleness in Dec 2019 and I totally agree with you. each month that passes im like.. oh woah! Definitely learning what it means and looks like to focus on the bridegroom that matters and learning on how to heal from past stuff to bless your future self. not just in relationships but in general. and really just seeing God as our everything, our shepherd, father, protector, savior etc. and not placing that with expectations in a man bc he can never fulfill that! only Christ!!!

  11. I just recently got out of a four year relationship. I am thinking about doing an intentional year of singleness. The only thing — I don’t have friends. I’m just in an in between place in my life and I don’t have any friends, much less Christian friends. Suggestions? Not having friends is something I struggle with most!! — Thank you for this video. It is soooo encouraging!

  12. I am 25. I'm single. Sometimes it is hard, but I keep going, God gives me strength🙌🏻 and a good friend of mine😊 This video is smth I really needed to hear. Thank you, friend🌷

  13. I loved this video. However it confuses me when they say singles have more time. I don't have time, i have to actively pursue relationships with other people because I don't have a husband or family to come back to and its lonely. So I have to actively see people everyday, and have a household to run, work, and its tiring. My load is not spilt even like between as a husband and a wife, so more of my time is taken up. Does that make sense?

  14. This is so encouraging to see! And thank you for your honesty about your struggles and imperfections that I've gone through too so that girls like me can relate to sisters in Christ grow from His grace and chase Jesus even more!

  15. Thank you for posting this. I am also appreciative of being single and having no kids. I am applying the advice for your intentional year of single to my singleness season. The most important thing is finding friends who support your time of being single and also family as well.Also realizing to keep God first. I am a loner by default but at times I want to be a positive and fulfilling God centered relationship. I know the time is coming and am appreciating this time of single and the only person that I have to worry about is me, myself and I. God bless you and keep you.

  16. I am a single father since 2012… my son is with me. The mother of my son left me since then for another men… it was hard at first, but at the same year I met a men that God sent to me to guide me how to live with God and He became my leader in my church… G12 Philippines. Since then I was freed from any bounderies that I have experienced with that girl… I am just so happy that I am still sigle because I never got married with that girl… waiting for God's Perfect timing In Jesus Name

  17. Im inlove with you… Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding…. I saw your Vlogs.. your future husband will be so lucky to have you as her wife… I am also a Christian and I read Bible and doing his will. G12 is my church. More Vlogs please I love it


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