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  1. Much a powerful songs 🎵 I really enjoying these times, where more & more ppl get touch in Holy spirit 🙌 . That's music go be actual 🔥 forward and forever. A lot a ppl woke up for the new time. Love, honesty, clearness, wisdom, freedom our spirit, wishing you all.
    Keep walking in faith 🙏
    Never ever give up!

  2. I need prayer for my adopted daugther she wont listen to all my advices to her im losing control of myself anyone reading this please help me pray for her esp for her schooling and spir8tual life.

  3. It's about one month know when my girlfriend decided to do aportion she killed two daughters but God knows, we used to sing this song together, aki Joy 😥😥 untill I die I will still remember them

  4. I was a worshipper growing up in church, but the lust of the world crept into my heart, I lost my zeal to worship….. BUT THIS SONG RIGHT HERE REMINDED ME OF GOD'S GOODNESS AND MERCIES ON MY LIFE! IT REMINDED ME HOW MUCH I LOVED TO WORSHIP GOD AND GET LOST IN SINGING HIS PRAISES. It helped to bring me back to where I needed to be; wrapped in his loving arms?

  5. I'm here because i miss worshipping God 🥺. I'm not feeling well this past few months and I'm trying to be strong as always. I'm praying to God to taken away my burdens in life , overthinking everyday/everynight. Thinking about my future, my family future 🥺. It's so verry hard to overcome this situations 😭. At my work everytime i go there I'm thinking that i cannot done it well, i miss the time when I'm happy, the truly happiness that i felt is gone 😭. Having mental health is not easy , I don't know what to do😭 please Pray for me to keep stronger to face this reality in life.

  6. Love me God ❤ ❤love❤ me❤☝😘 and❤ I love it so❤ much I love it when it☝ comes back🏠 and me and me and my family is a good day😊 for a good👍🌞 day😊 for a👍Love❤ you have❤ to☝❤ be❤ on❤ ❤love❤ me❤☝😘 and❤ my❤ family👪❤ is❤ a good👍🌞 day😊❤ for a👍👏❤ good👍🌞 day😊❤ for😘 a👍👏❤ good👍🌞 I love❤ it☝😘 is❤ the first day😊❤ of a👍👏❤ good👍🌞 day😊❤ for a👍👏❤ new job me ❤☝😘

  7. me and my wife just lost our unborn daughter last month
    We almost give up, but then God speak to us through "i surrender" song
    And yes, we rise and continue our life faithfully to His plans
    We surrender, Lord have Your way in us. Amen!!

  8. Amen สรรเสริญพระเจ้าTHANK you GOD ❤️🙌🙏 Jesus LOVE 💕อาจารย์ปกครองและอาจารย์และพี่น้องทุกทุกท่านครับ ขอพระเจ้าทรงอวยพระพรเสริมกำลังอาจารย์ปกครองและอาจารย์และพี่น้องทุกทุกท่าน อาเมน ฮาเลลูยา ฮาเลลูยา 💓🙌💓❤️💓❤️💓💓✝️💓💓✝️💓❤️✝️💓❤️💓❤️💓❤️🇰🇭💓❤️🇹🇭💓❤️💓💟💓❤️

  9. This is my first time to listen this beautiful music. When im down i used to listen religious songs to divert my negative thoughts into hopefull woman and feel relief. Lord jesus with me always all the time i continue praising you oh lord. In the name of you Amen❤🙏


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