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  1. I think you have your gods mixed up. You can kill a greek or roman god or titan. The Christian God is totally invincible to everything, omnipotence has that nice little attribute. Saying that God can be killed makes him sound weaker then he really is and degrades the message of God. Since if he can be killed by his creation that would imply that we are stronger then him. Are you starting to see the problem with this whole idea of the LHC and ITER being used to kill God narrative?

  2. You guys are so extremely stuck in your own little bubble that if someone heard you talk about this and didn't know that you were absolutely batshit crazy, they'd be a 100% sure you were on drugs.
    Fusion reactors like the Tokamak reactor is constantly under extreme precision, if a reactor would suffer damage or loses even a small degree of control, the reactors would rapidly cease all operations.
    Fusion reactors contain very small amounts of actual fuel, only enough to burn for a few minutes down to a few microseconds unless they're actively refueled, the reactions will end quickly.
    Therefore, fusion reactors are considered immune from a catastrophic meltdown.

    So don't worry y'all, your "god" (which the people who will run the reactor knows doesn't exist) will be safe.

  3. I worked in energy research, our funds were withheld by the Bush administration and sent to support ITER. It cost my career. Like the guys at the Supercollider had to move, change jobs and live miserably.

  4. Brother, if you see this could you please reply and give me your thoughts? Thank you.

    Why would man want to kill God? The only thing I can think of… Do you think Lucifer got these people to believe that if they liked God, they're inherit everything? Did Lucifer MAYBE convince them, knowing they're try. Knowing God might get so disgusted with us that he'd end us? Then Lucifer would have his dream come true and man would be no more? I mean that's the only thing I can come up with…

    I hope I hear from you brother.

    Mike P.

  5. The near notion is almost laughable when it's God that holds every atom/ molecule in place. Ok whatever? Richie isn't the rest of the planet heating up all the while the states are cooling down? Food for thought. Laters

  6. How does that even remotely sound plausible? And how would one even believe that the one shot is aimed on target?lol. How do they even know that it will penetrate the "firmament "? So many flaws with this story its…unbelievable

  7. Isn't that the plot of the movie Rapture Palooza? … sigh… (face palm) If Our Father interceded at the Tower of Babel… If you read the Bible to try to fight what's coming, clearly you need to read to the end. And stop listening to the demons that are trying to convince you otherwise. THEY'RE LIARS, THAT'S WHAT THEY DO, THEY LIE.. I can't with this people.

  8. Clearly, the NWO is Anti God and would Love to destroy him.. BUT, he told us, "In the last days- if those days were not cut short, "There would be NO FLESH LEFT" no a single living organism or microbe … N O T H I N G !!!!!
    as far as i have seen, I am the only one Screaming, If you want to put a monster dent in this shit,, MOAB the next Bohemian Grove event. Each and every one of the 2600 acres,, LEAVE NO FLESH ALIVE>>>

  9. The fact that the government allows them to build this piece of shit and not disclose anything to the public should raise concern and sound alarm bells but the sheeple we'll just continue to consume and destroy themselves

  10. Satan has no wisdom and is not smart just sneaky. And for the devil to deceive people makes them even dumber than the devil. I pray that God's people can wake up before its to late.

  11. Just as God stopped the building the tower of Babel an made all the workers to speak a different language so they couldn't unify . God will do it again with this thing they built. Man cannot live without God !!!


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