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0:00 Intro
0:23 The Case for Dating Apps
1:32 The Case AGAINST Dating Apps
3:53 Too Much Emphasis on Too Little Info
4:27 The Scarcity Issue
4:52 Time Waster
5:27 Dating Apps Can be Shallow
6:00 Random Thoughts
6:35 Why I Want on Dating Apps
7:25 Ranking Dating Apps
10:25 Final Thoughts

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  1. My experience with dating apps is that people don’t respond. I get very few matches. Maybe one a day. Sometimes 2 or 3 on a good day. And I never know when that will happen so I can repeat what is working, but in my experience dating apps have been a time consuming activity. The women I want to talk to won’t respond and the women I’m not interested in seen to be responsive but even then, they aren’t really talking to me about anything. I found OKCupid to be very helpful for me. However I got matches from out of the country. I mean I got tons of girls’ numbers and real numbers too, from foreign countries. It was fun talking to them and they seem like they wanted something genuine and they were interesting to talk to. So that was a lot of fun. But the distance kills the excitement after about a week of talking to them. So far out of like 12 women I ended talking to at once, only 1 has remained consistent, and still really wants to talk with me. She never wavers. Not yet anyway, and I’ve managed to talk to her for about a month now. So we’ll see what the future brings, I don’t have any expectations there. But that was a good site for foreign women, all very beautiful and some of them were Christian. So for me that was a home run. And it was fun talking so I can’t dock any of them. Bumble and Hinge gets me no matches at all. Literally nothing. I get one match a month between those two. And those matches go nowhere. They say nothing. So idk what I’m doing wrong in my profile. I feel like I have a variety of pictures and angles. I send messages that are respectful. So idk what I’m doing wrong there. I can’t figure it out for the life of me. My only guess is that I’m not as attractive as some of the men of there. So they pass me by. And I can’t change that. And I’m a fit and athletic man. I look younger than my age. People call me Peter Parker all the time because apparently I look like that character. But I still get passed up or ignored. But I’m starting to believe that apps are a waste of time. Men need to just pursue their dreams or whatever it is they want out of life first. You’ll meet someone during that period. It may seem like you won’t, but you will. Apps are a waste of time and the women there don’t seem to know what a good guy is from the bad ones. So you’ll get ignored most times.

  2. Really like this video.
    1. You didn’t put people down for using apps-comparing it to other means people used in the past to meet/reach out to people. Personally, I should be on them because I don’t meet a lot of Christian men near me 🥴.
    2. I liked that you didn’t put Bumble down with women having to message first. Your experience communicating with women is valid, if that’s the truth, that’s what it is. A lot of guys write it out calling it a FEMINIST app, and it is not. Both people are showing interest and the woman has the choice to accept. The choice is to avoid the fatigue of getting a lot of “hi” conversations from people who don’t care to read about your goals, religion preference, and political views. I was on the free version for less than 24 hrs with 400+ matches 🤐… I had to leave. Imagine allowing just a small percentage of those men to message me, too much. I’m not that interesting—they weren’t reading.

  3. Dating apps is awful, especially with my disability. 🙄 I struggle to socialize and always rejected, I been waiting since I was little girl for spouse to protect me because never had a father in life and wanna know not all men are monsters. I want someone that devoted of marriage and accept how I was born.

  4. A lot of the people on dating apps don’t take it seriously. In my case I matched with a Christian guy, talked for awhile but then he just started not being active on the app because it wasn’t important to him anymore. Plus I feel like I’m completely screwed because I don’t swear or drink and want to date someone who lives the same. I’m beginning to believe men like that don’t exist 😔.

  5. Nobody answered his question. Which ones would you recommend. Plenty of Fish is good. I'm looking for a good app for my Sister. Gona suggest Bumbl and Hitch. Thanks for this vid!

  6. Thanks Issac this was really helpful. I live in a senior dominate area and had thoughts about online dating. based on examples in the Bible I think that a person should be active in communities and their skills and God can use those active steps to meet the right people.

  7. I tried a few dating apps for a while as a Christian man a year ago. Eventually I had to unsubscribe from all of them. All I got was nude pics and creepy invitations for sex or messages from girls in far-flung places like the Philippines or Sub-Saharan Africa. I could not find a single eligible Christian female (of childbearing age) on these apps. Honestly it was quite a creepy experience. I prefer to meet people in real life. You don’t know who you’re messaging on these apps; it could be a guy in his mom’s basement all along.

  8. I have to agree with this assessment. Dating apps are very quick to dominate you and pull you away from Christ. When I was quitting p*rn, I turned to dating apps, which (for me) became another vice to fill the void.

    I, personally, have found more success in real-world settings. There's a lot to talk about. Pros and cons and context everywhere.

  9. I used to go on dating apps back when I was struggling with my faith. I met so many different guys and I can assure you that none of them were nearly close to being christians.

    Now that I'm fully devoted to Christ and my life with Him, dating has become such an unimportant thing to me – not that I don't value or want it -, I still pray for my future husband everyday, I still work daily on becoming a better christian, knowing that someday this will help me be a good christian wife, serving God through my marriage and motherhood.
    What I mean by saying it is not an important thing anymore is: I've quit looking for a boyfriend. I actually enjoy singlehood. That is a gift from God!
    I started noticing that I can do so much, and my value is found in Jesus Christ, not in dating!

    The important thing is that we can worship God with our lives – whether it is being single or married.

  10. Have been trying whatever I can to meet a man that God created for me, since my job can't allow to mingle with people out 😢 sometimes I feel so tired and depresse but I keep on trying differents dating site but the kind of photes I'm receiving break my heart, Yes anything is possible with God 😅😅though It requires alot of patience, thanks for advice

  11. Dating apps 👎🏾
    I went on because my mother suggested it and NO. It was never my speed. Never had that idea for myself. I probably spent a total of 2 hours using and then deleted them and never looked back. I surely don't wanna sit for hours, days, months, swiping at photos of men to date. Not a good experience.

  12. I've had horrible experiences on dating apps. I've gotten bots, there are paywalls out the wazoo, and emphasis as you stated on appearances. And not gonna lie, I ain't exactly Mr. hearthrob. Heck, you look better looking than I do. So, yeah, dating apps, not my thing.

  13. Actually this was helpful. I started using dating sites for the same reasons you gave, but I started with Christian Mingle.
    I don't recommend it because it also has very little information about the person. It matches you based on your common answers, but most of the men on it don't even write a bio for themselves, so it's a pretty flawed system.
    Also, I personally attract a lot of creeps and men who are way too old for me, even though my preferences aren't set for that.
    And a lot of people on it aren't really Christians, they just say they are, but then you find out they aren't when they tell you the truth.
    Bumble, Upward, and Hinge sound like they might have a better algorithm, so I might switch to those.
    Some tips for women (I can't speak for men) but every guy whose first message to me is "hey beautiful" or "you're stunning" or anything like that, is only after one thing.
    I think they think it's charming, but what it really does is say instantly "I am only interested in your body."
    It's fine to find someone attractive, and I wouldn't mind if they said it even after a few days of having a conversation, as long as it was respectful, but if it's your opener–run.
    Also, ask telling questions.
    A lot of these men (or women) know how to sound serious in their bio or at first, but once you really ask them a question like "how long have you known the Lord?" or "What do you think is the most important thing in life?" they fall apart and you know they were just trying to get around you before.
    And this is a personal thing, but a lot of profiles they over spiritualize. Like, it's cool to have a favorite bible verse, and a church demonination you go to, but I don't need your whole life story, and everything about your relationship with God, on your profile. Or every little detail about what kind of woman you want.
    Just cover the basics. I'd find out the rest from a conversation, it just seems like oversharing. It's a bio, not a blog.

  14. I've met some of the worst men I've ever come across in my life on dating apps. Last year was the final straw for me. I said to myself, "My future husband is not on any of these dating apps and I don't want to find someone in this way either". As you said, it's a huge timewaster too. Endless swiping, conversations that don't go anywhere, ghosting, harassment, etc. If possible, I think it's better to meet someone in person and take the time to develop a friendship before even jumping into dating. It's so awkward dating a stranger. I've been on so many dates with guys who I couldn't even imagine myself being friends with, which is the bare minimum of what is required for a potential spouse.

  15. My my so amazing 😊😊 well I've seen so many successful partners from dating apps but all in all when you devort yourself to God first he surely answers for me I've been praying about finding someone real &I believe God will surely do wonders for me one day because I've been in the hands of wrong wants yet am from stonch christian family and after disappointment I've decided to forcuse on my 3gjrls for about 5yrs now but I think it's now time I want to try something New of course the dating apps still looking forward for the best Christian dating app thanks so much for this video I really enjoyed it🙏🙏🙏🙏may God bless you for opening our eyes & may he continue giving you wisdom

  16. Hinge is great but it doesn't have an LDS option for faith. I live in Utah so there are a lot of LDS folk here and they all put Christian on their profiles. It's already hard enough to find non-LDS Christians here and Hinge makes it just a little harder haha

  17. I tried upward only because it was suppose to be a Christian dating app but I really don’t think guys on there are even Christians. The app crashed for me a couple days later so I definitely took it as a sign from God.


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