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0:00 Intro
0:23 The Case for Dating Apps
1:32 The Case AGAINST Dating Apps
3:53 Too Much Emphasis on Too Little Info
4:27 The Scarcity Issue
4:52 Time Waster
5:27 Dating Apps Can be Shallow
6:00 Random Thoughts
6:35 Why I Want on Dating Apps
7:25 Ranking Dating Apps
10:25 Final Thoughts

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  1. I actually met my fiancee on plenty of fish after a few weirdos. And afterwards we found we had lived close to eachother our entire lives and never met (a town away from eachother)

  2. I feel like meeting online can be hard because so many people say they are Christian because their parents are and they don’t actually believe. I feel like when we meet people at common activities it is more likely that we have similar beliefs and are in a similar spot in our walk with Christ.

  3. I just downloaded Upward yesterday and the difference in quality is astounding!

    I used to use Bumble and sifting through people who say they’re a Christian because it’s the Bible Belt and people who are committed to following Christ was so exhausting!

    Upward takes that pressure away! It’s a smaller pool of people for sure, but the trade off is worth it! I never realized there were so many Godly men out there

    Here’s hoping you find your person out there!

  4. I'm reading all these comments saying how much success they had on dating apps. You are all lucky and I envy you all. I'm a 29 year old man and the apps are now a wasteland. I had minor success in my mid 20s but now at my age all the solid women have been snatched up. Now the apps are filled with ultra liberal feminist types and single Moms. I'm going on 30 and I am just accepting that I may be single forever. If you don't find anyone in your 20s, you are pretty much screwed for the rest of your life.

  5. Issac maybe while doing the Lord's work God will take you places where the one will be. Ask God to put a woman in your path maybe you already did. I pray that you find someone that is on fire for God. In Jesus name Amen!

  6. well my history of dating apps is pretty simple….i made an account, didn't get any matches at all and deleted the account…. 🙃😂(well i got 1 match though but only reason we matched was because she wanted to sell me stuff 😂 )

  7. I tried the dating apps (POF, Tinder, Christian Mingle) looking for my spouse. I had gone though life changes that had me convicted to find a like minded Christian man. I certainly didn’t find him. I was caught between feeling like a prude for trying to stick to my new convictions, to feeling like a scarlet letter for my past. Every night I prayed for a good Christian man. And every night for a VERY long time I ignored the urging toward the man who is now my husband and father of our three kids. I’m sure they have worked for people, but we often have our own ideas of what God should provide and fail to see what’s right in front of us.

  8. From what I've read in comment sections related to dating apps is to use a pre-loaded disposable cash card for payments and not a traditional credit card that can be charged again once your initial span of time is over. Comments I read specifically related to Upward and EHarmony stated the importance of that.

  9. That little old lady matchmaker in town probably also knew their theology would match. One concern I'd have for the female side is getting matched with a controlling legalist dude or one that Christian is just a title for him and wants to get in pants. Even Christian sites are shark tanks to be aware of. I live in a town that has mostly hardcore calvinist, progressive and prosperity leaning churches so it can be tough if someone is church and mate scouting there too lol but it is another idea if people want to try that

  10. Any Christian guys on these comments actually egalitarian? Like legit, you think women are really not that different from men and should be treated with the same respect men generally are? And that while our sex is a biological construct, gender is a social construct and needs to die? And is good with waiting for sex until marriage? And is good in general with critical thinking when it comes to studying scripture? If so, please contact me 😅 because I’m so done with “Christian” men that want me to be submissive or don’t even know what scripture actually means and think they know everything about it. I just can’t 🤭

  11. When I was a little girl, I prayed that God would give me a husband when I grew up. I didn't want my heart broken by dating different fellas, I just wanted to meet the man that God intended for me. As an adult, I got serious with God on a Friday night and asked him for my spouse. Met my husband on Sunday and we've been married for 20 years. No matter how God chooses to introduce you to your help mate, she will be worth the wait.

  12. The biggest clue to knowing if a man is a false Christian is when he says he has to have sex with you while dating before the marriage to see if you are "compatible". It's degrading, disgusting, and terribly frightening.

  13. I concur with you in this video. Maybe some have a pressing or season to endure the online dating scene, but it's a coin toss with intentionality on those sites/apps. There are many things that pull us and make us waiver on commitment to more productive and encouraging things. I am 32, single eleven years and asked God to strip any desire In order to really rid an idol. If you are not careful– those dating apps and thought of marriage can really consume and emotionally destroy you. I am now just getting the desire back and I highly encourage those younger to make sure before you get caught up in those sites that you find a healthy balance of swipe verses living outside technology. This generation is quite different in the perspective of dating and it is challenging. Although, I have heard of great success, I equally have heard of the frustrations. Most of those I know that had success really prayed if that was a good choice or felt peace to be in that arena.

    Thank goodness God works in more ways than those apps! 😂

  14. Thank you so much for this video! I have had people recommend dating apps to me and I think there can be a time and place for it (depending on which one you use), but I am reticent to use one as I really want to focus my time on putting myself out there around other Christians . As a woman I also would not like the Bumble app's focus on the woman making the first move in the courtship as I believe the man should lead in the relationship

  15. Thanks for making this video! I know what you mean with alot of the points you are making! I've watched other Christian perspectives on dating app videos…some are either completely for it and are against it and say you aren't waiting for God's timing! …I've also always hated the idea of dating apps because it seems superficial to base whether you want to talk to someone off their appearance…I do understand why people use them! I moved to a smaller town with alot of families and my church doesn't have any single people…I think whether people use dating apps should be something people pray about! God calls us to action at some points and at other times He calls us to wait! God does know the desire of our hearts and He hears our prayers. His timing is always right!..Although there have been times when I've struggled being single, I've also learned alot from it! Being single is a great time to grow deeper with God by relying on Him and having the opportunity to learn about relationships from the people around you! So, don't worry! …I hope this helps! 😀

  16. i appreciate you taking the time to make this! I too have had a hard time finding a suitable Christian to date in my local communities, so I've been thinking about trying out the apps haha. I've reached an age where I'm really trying to see what God wants to do exactly, whether i should get married (which i feel the most called to) or stay single and live that way for Him instead. I feel like I really should start seriously dating in order to know for sure, but again, it's hard to find the right ones! Ahh anywho, may God bless you and give you guidance and peace during your search:)

  17. What's so funny is he's a Christian and not trying the Christian dating apps. It's like you made this video just to be negative about dating sites. How about you use your thinking cap and give real advice on where to meet and how then just make click bait. Give something with more value.


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