We threw away the secular dating apps (minus eHarmony) for this week and got to swiping on Christian dating apps, in search of our Ruth 😉

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  1. Hey just found your channel. This is a great video. Keep it up man, this is nicely edited and good content. This kind of video really feels like it should have 100k+ views easily.

  2. Yayy man you're here again. 💕 Keep up the good work Luke 😃 Your content is high-level. Try adding hashtags in your description it's gonna enhance your discoverability. Another free tip "CONSISTENCY IS THE KEYYYYYYY". Just keep on doing it… the quality is already good, just work on the marketing. Request: Can we have 'letting the person in front of me decide what I eat?'….. for a week maybe? 😬… for a day is also fine 😅😂

  3. Hey man i dont normally comment on videos but i gotta give it to u man i have been following u for a while and the quality of content u upload on ur channel has been getting better and better wish u all the best u deserve a million subscribers atleast
    Much love ❤


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