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‘I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden,’ Joe Rogan hammers Biden for being ‘dangerous’ for America


Joe Rogan laid into President Joe Biden over his recent remarks on Taiwan against China and his statements of “solidarity against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.” 

The podcaster called Biden “f****ing dangerous” and suggested that his aggressive positions were made worse by his “deteriorating” condition.

Speaking on his Wednesday episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” in which Rogan spoke to libertarian political commentator Dave Smith, the duo remarked on how it was “insane” that Biden says “insane things” as the geopolitical situations in Ukraine and Taiwan teeter to the brink. 

“That’s why having a guy like him in office is f***ing dangerous,” Rogan said. “But that’s legitimately dangerous, man,” noting that it was the reason why he could never vote for Biden.

“Like I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden,” Rogan added. “And the reason being is like you knew this. You knew he was deteriorating. Forget about his policies when he was lucid. I mean he was lucid during the Obama administration.”

“You barely heard from him,” he continued. “See, regardless of what you think about his policies, like as a human, that’s in a position of extreme stress and power. That’s nuts … that’s insane. He’s so far gone.”

The conversation was brought on by Smith’s commentary on the situation in Ukraine, in which the Biden administration appeared to simply go along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wishes for America to participate in a hot war against Russia. 

The duo then questioned whether the Democrats should run either Biden or VP Kamala Harris, who is out of her league. Rogan compared Harris to the “girlfriend” of popular comedians who “does comedy too, but she bombs every time.”

“Like they trot her out every now and then, they’re like ‘give her one more chance. Let her talk. Let her talk,’” Rogan remarked. “And it’s always chaos.”

“It’s like now she’s so triggered burnt,” he added. “You could tell that she’s almost like shell-shocked. Yes, she’s much worse.”

Both Rogan and Smith tore apart Harris’ recent word salad speeches, in which the vice president appeared to meander aimlessly in her remarks about one issue or another. 

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