And the greatest commandment of all is………(!?)



  1. I agree. I haven't watched your vids for a while now, no real reason, but stumbled across one the other day in my recommendations. I actually have always liked your stuff. You are humble and this is good. So many Christians out there who are awake, yet they have a spirit of mocking behind them, making fun of, and shaming those who try to deceive us, or who are not yet awake themselves. I won't name any names, but there are some Christian Youtubers out there who are so unloving and childish, that it has turned me off from watching their vids.

  2. Still going to enjoy shabbat tonight, and I'm still going to pray to Yahshua and to Father Yahweh, but your message touches on many truths. The Law and His grace go hand in hand, to complete our existence. Shabbat shalom brother.

  3. So much passion.. this made me cry.
    Daily life I use every opportunity to spread the gospel.
    But when I people watch I can't help but weep.
    So many lost souls. I know how hard it is for you concerning your brother, once we come to Christ's beautiful truth and our chains of sin broken free.. it is only natural to want to save those you love.
    In due time. Endure and be patient as I know you will be. I will pray for him too.
    Speaking of love, I love your voice!
    Hope that doesn't offend you.

  4. I would like to be a student of yours. Your videos are almost flawless.(sometimes the music at the start catches me with my audio up too high on my headphones) Your faith shines through and your honesty and emotions bring me peace and love. Where did you get your talent? Are you professionally/technically trained? I'm glad that we all have this channel for community in Christ. Thank you and bless you. Martha

  5. The reason Jesus Christ said do not think I came to do away with the law but to fulfill it, is because through a perfect man Adam we were all born into sin and because of the nature of the law only through a perfect man could we be purchased. You see the nature of Gods law is balance. From dust you came and to dust you shall return. The Golden rule is do unto others as you would have them do unto you, this is the SUM of the law and of the prophets. That balance is duelistic in nature and its why we will be judged concerning every word we have spoken. Its why the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Why those that forgive will be forgiven and those that show mercy will be shown mercy. That law was fulfilled in Christ when he died so that the sting of death would not hold power over us. The blows he took was for us but that does not mean that we will not be judged in accordance with the law that is now in Jesus Christ. If you have seen the son you have seen the father also. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. The nature of that balance made whole is symbolized in the ratio Phi 1.618 which is a ration of thirds and by which all things were designed and governed through Christ. God is love therefore if you have all these things but have not love, then you have nothing. Like wise if you follow the law but have not Jesus Christ then you will die in your sins. Love one another and when others persecute you for his name sake rejoice, for your reward will be great in heaven as it was for the prophets before you. Now do you understand what he meant when he said those that love me keep my fathers commandments.

    You will be judged as you judge so then do not judge and you will not be judged. This is the nature of the law and why we are told to love our enemies so that it might go well with us. Those that try to save their lives will lose it but those that lose their lives for his name sake will gain everlasting life.

  6. You must have had this question before, but how do you know the Bible was not convoluted by scribbles of Babylon or manipulated by by the council of Nicea? I’m aware of all the satanic machinations going on in this world but I’m still searching for truth. I saw a friend of mine succumb to new age Neal Donald Walsh teaching bc imho those teachings (falsehoods if you ask me) comfort his emotional pain. But the other side is that without knowing a solution, without knowing a divine if you will truth out of this satanic maze, it’s really hard and depressing to live. I’m not being disrespectful but how do you know the Bible is indeed the truth and Jesus is our savior?

  7. Do you love them?

    I rather lead the conversation with I love you.

    Then stating that Yahuah loves them. Has nothing to do with me being 1st, only understanding that people are tired and they here that Gid loves them starts a war that is a distraction against the real war.

    That's just me though not a command for anyone here, understanding is a gift

    Btw today I'm 29 today 9/11/90

  8. Good stuff man, this world tests us, it stomps us out no matter how much we try to do good…there is always somebody trying to knock you down , I dont see any real Love in this World not even in the place of worship, just people with fake Love…it wears a person out, Ive given up, Im finished, I do the best I can thats it.

  9. I have just found you…I am so happy to have found you…..My oh My….this is brilliant…the video itself is so visual and in wonderful hd…..You just made my new laptop shine brightly!!….I can honestly say to you….I love you!!!!!!…….Yes its all about LOVE….and thats the truth……..x


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