I’m going to live for God if I wanna

First, off I don’t care what your opinion is
I wasn’t built sensitive
I’m going live how I want live
I’m gonna live for Jesus til the day it ends
Life keep trying Gun me down
Like Bang Bang Here’s another one
Folks like are you quittin now
But I say it loud Man “ I ain’t done”
No I ain’t done I won’t run
I won’t back down
I just smack rounds
Bible smoking when I ride around town
Jesus music playing way too loud
Christ on me got me feeling to proud
I was lost had to picked a new route
Evil screaming like I won’t move out
Grab the scriptures and we had a shoot out
Now Man down Man dem gone
Devil like what went wrong
I ain’t even give him no answer
I just went and played this song
He was like it won’t last long
But I’m still going 10 years strong
He said Id never belong
But I feel like I’m finally home
Blood all on my testimony
I ain’t perfect just test the homie
Sin keeps trying walking dead
Got me in my head feeling like a phony
Like why would God even fricking want me
Does he die for the snakes too
God quitting on me
Stop tripping homie
Call Donald Trump
Cause fake news
I’ll breakthrough
Aint no wall finna stop me
Like I’m the koolaid man
I’ll break you
That is something you could never do
I was built to last duralast really
You keep falling down Pray and fast silly
Never letting sin get a pass in me
Bible clutched tight I’m gonna blast any I’m gonna blast any

I’m gonna live for God if I wanna
You aint finna stop what I’m on cuz
I won’ ever drop I’m gonna roll up
Right to the top where the throne is



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