You may have seen a breakdown on this video..but this one is in your face..straight to the point! Illuminati (MAKING US)..Scream and Shout! Monarch Mix Cloning,Transhumanism,Mark of the Beast,5th Age coming etc… – See more at:



  1. they will do it but the GODS will destroy it all .the law is you can not imprison a SOUL it has to be free will,choice not with chemical influence or frequency , there are plenty people taking the micro chip and are under control because it is combine with the chem trails that they are spraying ,the chems are nano tech ,we all have it within us .do you want to know something ? i was watching STAR TREK VOYAGER S 5 E 15-16 AN THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SOME CHEM TRAILS NANO TECH .THE BORG QUEEN AND 7 OF 9 WAS TALKING about HOW TO ASSIMILATE THE HUMAN RACE. that is a coincident or not.

  2. The worst is the kids/teens that try to emulate these so called role models are sleeping they'll never C it even though it's right in front of their face…preying on the weak minded.. Nicholson here's to u SALUTE

  3. what videos (or any form of info) would you recommend I point someone towards if they have never even heard of the Illuminati? It's unfortunate that I can't use the Bible yet, and I know that I need to prove to them the nature of this world first before I suggest they get saved by Christ

  4. very disturbing!!! I am so distraught that I try to tell and share your videos on my facebook and it seems as though no one listens or takes me serious! I want to save the people I care and love! I think they all think that I am "out there" and am crazy or just a religious nut! I pray all the time that I can somehow reach these people who "think" they know the truth but really do not…..I am getting frightened that they won't be spared. any suggestions? I know our Lord does not want anyone to perish, but I see so many signs that are time is short….it is very disheartening. God Bless you and all your work! Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us and keep us the wonderful work! GBY!!!

  5. Excellent !  I used to feel sorry for these people, yrs. ago not anymore since they have had the time to get out, but the lure of money and fame kept them. God Bless and keep you


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