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  1. Great vid- yeah, I'm awake and waking up more everyday- think this will be the norm sooner than later- what's next? Hmmm…Trying to get us all wrapped up in fear- fear is a killer- raises blood pressure and does a lot of damage, but does no good- hard to control fear, but best to do it if possible- things may just get scarier- The PTB torture ppl and have no remorse for anything- believe perhaps that they are doing their "gods" will…??? Let's stay cool and do GOD's WILL!! God Bless!!<3

  2. On CNN tonite A Cooper was talking and beside him was a guy w/ a sign that said, "The Bible Teaches that SATAN Is The God Of This World"- that was weird- they let it show for a good while too on his live CNN broadcast! Weird- this world gets stranger everyday!!!


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