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  1. I don't watch any of her video's or anything like it. We can still pray for them. It's never to late to pray. Things may seem impossible with man. But with God, All things are possible.

  2. Then be the warrior from Heaven that you are and stand with the Kingdom.. to say you're with BLM which is a staged movement from satan is not who you're truly with.. i guess thats what i meant to say. But you are blessed and highly favored in the name of Jesus…some also say Yeshua but God honors the name Jesus for sure. I've seen demons flee to that name. 😀 We will meet one day and remember this little interaction which is pretty cool. Stay strong in the King!!!

  3. This why I stopped watching mostly everything. Netflix if it's good movies, shows and documentaries . Really all these singers. A lot of actors all in these satanic worship, can't get all of that for nothing. The praise is extremely high very .

  4. Hi, i just listen To you sometimes. I like your voice and your comments. Don't like any of these humans .. Don't even watch anymore mtv devil awards, hardly anything nothing it's all devil Satan loving worshippers . They sale their souls to the illuminati which it should be called on luminated. There is nothing enlighten about these it's are darkness highly Satan loving. It's awful they want to capture the youth. I love listening to you. God bless all and help us all. We worship God Jesus his angles. They feed and use us for the devil, poor unfortunate souls in Vain an in pain. Dear Gid slapping and routing in Gods face. Wait till God puts his foot down we all will pay for this crap this devil going Satan darkness.

  5. Worship (Worse Ship)
    People "Worship"
    but she will bring them all down with her just like the Titanic

    Beyonce (Beyond say)
    Titanic (Tie tanic)

    "Tie" the words Beyond say to "tanic" and you get Beyond saytanic (Beyond satanic)

  6. “The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created" satan was probably the master of ceremonies and music.. Maybe thats why he uses music to get ppl. Thats why its so important to reach the younger generation now. The music industry is pure evil

  7. please people just let her be, she is no different from all other being, it just she is more in the spotlight than most so it easier to pin point most of the thing she do. i meam the lady put her life out there, i don't think she hiding anything, the world know mostly everything about her. if she was hiding anything evil we proberly should have know by now. it good that you are drawing people attention to God and less on her but we humans are dealing with evil spirits we can see every single day.

  8. Thank God for Men of God that are not ashamed to shout Truth!
    I agree with this Brother in Jesus name that the Holy Spirit will overwhelm all who are not right with their Creator and accept The LordJesus into their hearts right now.
    Thank You Jesus for your free Gift of salvation for ever and eternity!

  9. I used to be a beyonce fan before I came to Christ, and she was ok back then, but now she has literally become demon possessed to an unbelievable yet believable way. She has lost her soul to satan! I pray she repent before it's too late.

  10. contact a call for an uprising, you two move me and make more sense to me than the rest that I feel mean well, praise God and may he bless all of the truthers, bless you sir, your family and us all thank you good sir.


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