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  1. Controversy7 and all american parents, understand this! When you use the word "kids" the second meaning of the word in the dictionary is "baby goats", the rulets of the world often call us cattle, goats, sheep etc. The proper word is CHILDREN I mean when you think about it why would you need two different words for our children? It is A CHILD OF GOD! NOT A KID OF GOAT! 😉 God bless all

  2. They're really too young to understand at eighteen why, because of all the video games and movies that they have consumed through out their lives. We as Americans have all been brainwashed by television, the main media and our so-called government. It's all apart of satan's plan for the human race to take their eyes off of Jesus Christ. GOD Almighty loves man-kind, but the devil hates and loathes You!! That's why sin seems fun. he wants to kill, steal and destroy you.. and see your soul in hell. People don't play into satan's hands. Why do you think that most everyone is against Christians? It's because he despises Us why? Because we care for you like Jesus Christ does and do not want to see you go to hell. Think about it, we Christians proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, we Never force it upon you. We will just pray for you if you refuse our Gospel, not behead you. We don't try to brainwash you either. It's your choice, and yours Alone, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life, and the Only Way to Heaven when you die, but He won't force His Salvation upon you, it's your choice and always has been. Read His Word for yourself and see that He loves you. Start in the book of Matthew and read on as much as you like, because it's your decision, nobody's making you do it. Jesus waits on you to call out His Name for Hope and help. Soul Salvation… Love ya

  3. this makes me think about how they made cards for black or white color.
    black: bad
    history repeating its self with different subject matter.
    made history with black president and look where that got us even though i know he is a puppet. Hillary won't make a difference.
    Another gun control method with kids amazing im not surprised.

  4. dont fall for the 2 party system. there is no heros. trump isnt a hero. he knows alt media is huge now, so hes just telling everyone what they want to hear. and all the elite have to do is pretend they like hillary. i dont buy a word of it. dont vote

  5. These kids parents are more likely than not freemasons & they have been brought up knowing the game. all scripted young actors. I wonder just how many out there beleive this is real. 😯 Keep em coming fella. well done.

  6. The mind control programming is telling the sheeple that Hillary is a shoe-in for president, even the children know that. Thank you Tavistock. The soap opera continues. Back in the summer it was H-Rod's "coughing and shaking fits" health scare plot twist, now it's Trumps womanizing and all these ladies coming out of the the woodwork. Well crafted performances by both teams.

  7. What a bunch of BS, I have a 4th grader and she might mimic what I say but she wouldn't know any specific things unless she heard it from me. She certainly would not watch a debate. These kids were told these things from their parents , these,are not things kids would come up with on their own.

  8. I know kids are intelligent but these kids was coach to say what they are saying..
    What kid they age speaking in some bs like this..
    They ought to b a shame of themselves preying on the younger jus like child predator..
    And they wonder why these kids mess up to..
    politician is not what in these kids mind..


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