Please watch til the End..a surprise from a upcoming Movie!
The Last Kingdom will be Digital and Controlled
No Strings..Wireless.Currency will be Digital
This video will help the understanding of Nicholson1968’s
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“Illuminati’s Black Gold”
and also NWO’s “Pill that will Kill”
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  1. When I was a child I would catch and collect butterflies, but for some reason only the monarchs. My mind has been so shattered and formed into many alters through DID so for some time I wasn't even aware that my family is in the occult and that mk ultra played and still plays a part in my life.

    Mk ultra
    Trauma based mind control
    Disassociative Identity disorder

    Targeted Person/ experimentee since birth

  2. Transhumanism is bad? I'm on board with you on the rest of this but so long as it exists in an awakened World it seems like radical technology is a savior.

    Of course in 5D reality we probably have so much god-level power that much of this tech will be a joke.

  3. Your material is superb! I'm an MK ultra victim since 1974 I believe I've been targeted 5 years.. I battle handlers everyday for years now.. Every state.. I'm glad the truth is out there

  4. Butterflies are beautiful…they are a creation of God…I have no problem with them…they are used in fashion and photography because of their beauty…I see excellent shots in this video…taken out of context …

  5. I've seen many videos on MK Ultra, but learned new things from this video. I have the hardest time imagining why celebrities, models, musicians would agree to undergo this treatment. How do you sell something like this? "Hey, we'll make you rich and famous, but you have to commit to undergoing this torturous procedure and be managed by handlers for the rest of your life." Hard to imagine anyone saying: "Yessss, I am totally down for that."

  6. The age of great work,next video!Une vidéo synthèse de tout ceci,l'achèvement,le Grand OEuvre ,impatient et curieux de savoir quand et de quelle manière exact vont 'ils procéder.

  7. Excellent yet again Nich..many thanks!!  Luckily their 'last earthly kingdom' will be short lived; the Kingdom of our Triune Father however remains in infinity, praise Jesus.

  8. I was kicked off YouTube. N68 u need to read and watch the. Atlas shrugged. It's the blue print on where they want to go. I careless if they find me just spread the word. Atlas shrugged is real!!!

  9. This little girl Mo'Ne Davis who is on the Taney Dragon softball team, was put on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but with a little digging, I discovered that she is a member of the Anderson Monarchs.  The media is giving her all this attention, but she's a Monarch.

    So lots of young girls and women want to be super models?  Kesha has a thing for cat outfits and patterns.  At 16:07 you show as part of MK they will control you by high tech headsets.  Beats headphones, which were created by (part of the CERN project) for Dr Dre.  Now has a new wrist gadget called the Puls. 

  10. The word monarch also refers to the moon arc. The souls who are are victims of these mind control programs will not make it past the moon upon death.

  11. I'm convinced that they are using modified versions of MK Ultra-type programming in our schools now.  Micro has gone macro.  As above, so below.  Scary stuff, but we are only worse off if we ignore it.  Protect your children! 

  12. Hi n68 do u think the antichrist will be a cyborg? And is that theory applicable to scripture? Just thinking about the iron and clay? i wonder how this would tie islam the catholics and new age together and how mankind could come to worship an artillect .. i mean i get the become a god seduction but most humans would prob want to stay human …i hope…god bless

  13. You da man N68, always good stuff. I really am thankful for all you do to help awaken the masses. I juice for people who have cancer, find health and healing in the divine raw nutrients in the form of enzymes, and you get that when you break open the cell wall and extract them by juicing, and now I am in the process of waking up the whole world to these glorious nutrients…We are sick, bc we make ourselves sick by consuming dead nutrients which acidify the body/blood, and when we learn to consume Live Nutrients, we begin to gently detoxify and alkalize the whole body. Anyway hope everyone has a glorious day. Peace and much love to all you guys…..

  14. Another great vid from you N68! Wonder how you got all this info on this though? U working with a deep throat character? No matter just glad u r getting it all out there…


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