DAYSPRING Illustrating Bible :

This Dayspring Bible is absolutely the best Bible I have ever held! I am affiliates with them so click on that link and check out their ILLUSTRATING BIBLE!
I hope you enjoy this first video to a new series here on Coffee and Bible Time called DELIGHT! It’s going to be a Bible study series all on In-depth studying the Bible! Today I am in-depth studying Psalm 1. If you don’t know how to in-depth study your Bible that is totally okay because in this video I will teach you HOW TO in depth study! 🙂

I hope you enjoy! All glory to God!!

First In-depth Bible study video I did on my channel:






  1. Billy Graham's son said his Dad was always teachable. I decided how could I not do the same. After this video, I know that it's a wise decision. Your Bible study is wonderful. My new Dayspring illustration Bible is on the way. I'm a 64yr. old grandma very happy to think of you &Taylor has my sisters in the LORD. Blessings to you&your whole family.

  2. Honestly, my favorite things you post are the in depth bible studies. <3 You have no idea how helpful they are and what a breath of fresh air it is to read along and gain other concepts (plus I love annotating and highlighting). Thankful for these videos. Please keep them coming!!! So helpful.

  3. Hi 😊 I'm really enjoying the Bible studies with you and growing closer to the Lord. I noticed I somehow missed your printable for this study and I am wondering if at all possible ( if not thats perfectly understandable as well) you could put the printable back up or if i could som6obtain one? Id love to use it. If not that okay as well. God bless 🙏

  4. Hello my name is Carol
    i am really enjoying your bible study but i don't have DaySpring illustrating Bible and i only have is CSB and HCSB.
    I was wondering if you don't mind me take notes from you and your study?

  5. I loved your comparison of chewing scripture to a cow and his cud. I was thinking the same thing! I loved that you saw a silly image in your head that you can relate to, and made something so serious into something light and relatable and clear to exactly the intent. Im a new believer, brand new to faith, and your videos are giving me a lot to think about and enjoy while studying! Thank you! 🥰

  6. I absolutely love this and how you break it down. This is extremely helpful and I actually had a dream of doing it after watching a video of yours last night. It was the first thing I wanted to do this morning. Thank you so much for this instruction.

  7. New subscriber & so blown with your illustration of “Bible study!” Emphasizing on the word itself and elaborate in order of the list you have versus the devotional books I purchase from bookstore. They’re encouraging but doesn’t elaborate just as how you do with the Illustrations Bible. ❤️ Makes it enjoyable to learn Gods word. Getting into chewing His word daily & sharing with my sisters. Keep up the great work. Stay blessed!

  8. hiii sis im impressive to all your video and its really help imfomative like how i start my own reading Biblep writing scripture i hope more Christian every singke day need to lift up our faith to God thank u sis Godbless your life


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