One of our or should I say the crowds favorites. We originally got this from Stoneybrook but we rock it. Harder? Well, you be tha judge lol…sing yall!!!



  1. First saw this in 2011, 2019 STILL ANOINTED! That hair Director caught the Ricky Dillard mantle a few times didn’t he, lol!
    LOVE THIS VIDEO! Blessings to all from 2019!

  2. awesome choir and musicians but man……that director is just too much. shaking his butt was just not necessary. Kind of annoying watching him from this view. Maybe it was different in person……

  3. I watch this every year around Palm Sunday and it has been the inspiration for a sermon entitled – Palm, Passion and Protest. Goosebumps every time! It is the best rendition I have ever heard! SING!!!!

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