Lyric video for the song, “In Jesus’ Name (God of Possible) by Katy Nichole.
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I speak the name of Jesus over you
In your hurting, in your sorrow
I will ask my God to move
I speak the name cause it’s all that I can do
In desperation, I’ll seek heaven
And pray this for you

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee
In Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in
Jesus name
In Jesus name

I speak the name of all authority
Declaring blessings
And every promise
He is faithful to keep
I speak the name no grave could ever hold
He is greater, He is stronger
he’s the God of possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee
In Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in
Jesus name
In Jesus name

Come believe it
Come receive it
Oh the power of His Spirit is now forever yours
Come believe it
Come receive it
In the mighty name of Jesus, all things are possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances will change
I pray that the fear inside will flee in Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough
Would happen today
I pray miracles over your life
In Jesus name
I pray for revival
For restoration of faith
I pray that the dead will come to life
In Jesus name
In Jesus name



  1. I'm praying for a healing for my mom she was just diagnosed with leukemia and she's on a feeding tube and oxygen. She's still in the hospital. I know God will heal her. He has done it before and I know He will do it again!

  2. Wow Katy, just watched your video from K-Love, and I wanted to share I was in tears hearing your response as the song started playing, and I had to come and listen to the full version. My wife, abortion survivor and pro-life speaker Carrie Yvette Fischer has been struggling with many heath challenges for some time, and God has promised us she will be totally healed and sharing her testimony on national television. We already have the television contacts, and now we stand in faith believing for what is impossible with man. The complications from her mom's failed abortion attempt on her life left one side of her face paralyzed, she's been totally deaf in her left ear ear and partially deaf in her right ear, her left eye vision can not be corrected with glasses beyond 20/300, and her left eye can not totally close and can not produce tears. Not related to the failed abortion attempt, she almost died twice from altitude related heart and blood pressure issues, and has recurring dental infection due to rotten teeth that would cost $50,000.00 to remove and replace with implant dentures, but her insurance would not cover that…and we believe God has a supernatural healing for all of the above. She has such a wonderful heart, and we are both finding joy in the Lord through a new business were just led to start 3 days ago, a pro-life graphic design and printing business God named , Divinely Inspired Designs. It is such a joy to get up and walk out to our computers and go to work together, and your song has given us hope, not only for hear healings, but that social media will, in God's time, launch us into the financial success we so need to be able to support our speaking ministry. Lord God, thank You for blessing and continuing to bless Katy as she seeks to humbly and powerfully share her testimony with the world in the Wonderfully Beautiful and All-Powerful name of Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name). Can't wait to hear more from you!!!

  3. I feel this so much! I pray so hard my family isn't broken my husband being blamed for something he didn't do and the week is approaching of him being taken for a yr leaving me figuring my life out on my own with our 7 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son I'm just lost πŸ’” I love our family I'm going to lose our house and idk what to even think I can't work and bills have to be paid! I just pray for a miracle πŸ™πŸ½ ✨️

  4. I heard this song for the first time today…. TEARS FELL…. this song came on at the perfect time… i pray and sing this song over everyone who is held captive, that the chains will fall off in jesus name… I pray this over my best friend Ki and for a female whose name is Starr….you BOTH are made to do greater things than Him..

    There once was a traveler driven out of town
    On His shoulders was a burden that pushed Him to the ground.
    On His head was a crown made of thorns from a bush
    The street was so crowded the guards had to push.

    They beat Him with nine tail each step of the way
    Where Christ found the strength, only God could say.
    They stopped at some sandstone at the top of a hill
    There was a round hole the cross would soon fill.

    They made Him lie down upon that wood cross
    There they nailed Him to prove who was boss.
    The beam was up-ended by the muscles of men
    As it plunged down the hole it was carved to fit in.

    Jesus looked up at the lightning that flew
    Cried, God, my Father, they know not what they do.
    They crucified our Lord as His blood flowed to Earth
    Inside if you believe, you feel what love’s worth.

    They wrapped Him in loincloth when He was taken down
    Carefully removed His scarlet stained crown.
    They placed Him in a cave with a large, round, stone door
    Before sealing forever, they lay lilies on the floor.

    It wasn't very long the stone rolled away
    Jesus resurrected, to rise Easter Day!
    No greater love has ever been shown
    No greater love has ever been known.

    Hum = !!!!!!!!

    By Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet On The Web
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  6. Wow. Wow. Wow. I just heard this song for the first time today. It hit me hard. My wife of 45 years passed away suddenly three weeks ago. Many people have expressed their condolences, and bless their hearts, but the words that they have shared are difficult to come by. Pretty much everyone has simply said "I'm so sorry for your loss.." I do appreciate that, but the words of this song are so much more powerful and comforting. This is what I needed to hear. Yes, I need healing, and the Great Physician is there to heal me, and that's what this song is all about.

  7. Is a MAN MADE crucifix a false idol, or the ball of fire in the sky put there by god a false idol?

    When I look at an apple I realize that the vitamin C is literally electrons that the tree absorbed from the SUN OF GOD and stored in the fruit..the Sun of God is in the flesh of the apple I'm eating…

    When I die the microorganisms in me will change roles and decompose the cells and tissues going back into the earth as dust ALIVE.. my soul energy will return to it's source the fiery Sun of god to burn for eternity..

    The Sun (of God) will set this evening…..When THE SUN RETURNS (tomorrow) the MORNING STAR will RISE FROM THE EAST,it will SAVE MAN from darkness because it is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD,it will be SEEN COMING THROUGH THE CLOUDS with its CROWN of sun rays,as it's shimmer WALKS ON WATER,and when the daylight is longer in duration than the nite and the Sun is fully RESURRECTED (EASTER,springtime) the sun of god will RAISE THE DEAD trees,grasses,flowers etc as it TRAVELS ABOUT THE WORLD with its 12* constellations HEALING THE SICK…then as the days get shorter and shorter in duration all the way till Dec 21st when the day lengths are equal in duration for 3 days..then on December 25 the day lengths start getting longer in duration and the 🌞 is reborn..

    The 🌞 is the reason for the seasons..

    The 🌞 rises in the east.
    The 🌞 is the light of the world.
    The 🌞 is the morning star.
    The 🌞 reflection walks on water.
    The 🌞 can be seen coming through the clouds.
    The 🌞 has a crown of sun rays.
    The 🌞 travels the world healing the sick…all cancer patients are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D repairs mitochondria+ a thousand other biological and metabolic functions.
    The 🌞 will save you from the cold scary darkness.

    The Sun of god,the morning star,light of the world,rising from the east,coming through the clouds,saving us from darkness,crown of Sun rays,its shimmer walking on water,traveling the sky healing the sick,raising the dead trees grasses,flowers….and that's why there is only one set of footprints in the sand you are walking with the Sun..
    You keep god you just lose man's religion..

  8. Please pray if you read this,my dad is in ICU and on a breathing machine, and very sick with multiple infections from a surgery that went bad. He is not a believer but I am believing God will save him so I can win him to the Lord. Pray for a healing please.

  9. I’m not big on Christianity I was born and raised as Christian but for my own reasons I chose to renounce I still have the knowledge and fundamentals of being a good person but that aside this song if beautiful and warm and will inspire any one just stay true to ur art and you will continue to bring ur message to new and old ears


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