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  1. Yeah it's amazing … that all of this BEAUTIFUL life … we see around us… originated from a meaningless Explosion ( Big Bang ) . What so many FAIL to realize … this is DEEPER than just a shape … this is about " Spiritual Creations " vs " Material Creations ". In a Material created universe …. ( Globe Earth ) removes the concept of a Creator ( God ) … because a material created universe ( Big bang ) happen at random . This concept was created by Freemasons … which represents ( Satanic Worship ) . Globe Earth was created to destroy/erase … the concept of Flat Earth … and its meaning ( Spiritual Creation ) . Flat Earth was created for humans with SOULS … not for the soul-est ones ( Satanists ) … with the intentions of … Harmony , Love , Peace , Unity , to be a mainstay on this Earth . Satanist detest this ideology … so by changing/hiding the shape ( Flat ) … they've erased the meaning … and spiritual/significant of life creations . They reduced life creations … to an EXPLOSION ( big bang ) … and reduced the species ( human ) … from center of creation ( "spiritual light-beings " ) … to evolving from " APES " . IMMOVABLE is a significant depiction of Flat Earth … because this indicates all cosmic bodies are smaller/closer … all revolves around the earth . Flat earth is the center of the universe … humanity becomes " Center of Creation ". This is why they hide/lie about Flat earth … because they're either SATANISTS/ATHEISTS/EVOLUTIONISTS etc . The vast majority of humanity not knowing … the significant/spiritual creation of themselves … based on a " spiritual designed universe ". Their Naivety/Ignorance … empowers the Evil deceivers … and will allow themselves … to be subjugated to more deceptions . Evil rulers don't value life from a " spiritual creative " perspective … they want to CONTROL ,MANIPULATE , OWN , destroy life . This is why they chose/create … a " Material Creative " universe ( Globe Earth/Big Bang ) … their science replaces GOD … as their intentions was . Because who need to control life … from a spiritual creative perspective ??

  2. In the beginning was the Word. The 'beginning' is a peculiar concept, and THAT is difficult to wrap one's mind around. Our Heavenly Father is TIMELESS ( He has no beginning nor end) and beyond the confines of dimension. He IS, WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE. Time will pass, events will change the world, but our Father is CONSTANT. HOW the FATHER achieves HIS plans is way beyond our understanding, though I feel He will share His secrets with us when He has completed His work in us. All the natural laws are HIS design for HIS purpose. So amazing is our God! Title to video is funny. I have a poster which reads similarly: "in the beginning there was nothing…and then it exploded." LOL! In the beginning was the WORD:) OH JOY!

  3. Keep being blinded by religion to the point where you cannot think or live single mindedly within yourself… All religious people keep telling me is that there is nothing far better or greater than religion, yet look at how many lives have been lost because of it. Hundreds of MILLIONS have died in the name of religion, yet it is the only thing that has not been outlawed. If people died in those numbers due to any thing else they would be banned. ie, drugs, guns, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, gmo's. etc.

    "No matter how powerful and ultimate "god" may be, ALWAYS realise that there is something much more…" -Albert Einstein.

    Go on and keep editing videos that fit your agenda to falsely , hopelessly give the emotionally inept to believe that they have some type of hope, they live out of fear from the wrath of god, not from his false hope of forsake fullness… if you have to have the fear of hell to be a good person, then you clearly are NOT a good person at all.

    "faith is the false belief of hope due to either false or inaccurate data, which further invites disaster or misfortune…"

  4. That ROCKED Brother! Excellent Nutty Professor by the way. Great way to spread the truth with some comic relief. Lord knows we could all use a laugh with all of the stupidity surrounding us in this time we live in. Please keep up the good work and THANK YOU!!

  5. gr8 video I believe in a from of evolution but not what Bill Nye was talking about I talk about things like that with people all the time oh and it's so gr8 you added that Kat Williams part in there by the way because I think me and Kat Williams somewhat believe the same thing when it comes to evolution

  6. I don't understand how can there be nothing in the beginning, I just can't grasp that concept. example a white blank piece of paper has nothing on it that I understand but only because I know that there is a piece of paper behind the concept of it being blank(nothing on it) yet there's a paper in with something can be written on or create an image on, idk if you understand me, there has to be something in order for the big bang to be possible, the word "nothing" is a poor choice of words to say the least, I drive myself crazy trying to understand how come they be nothingness because even if there was no planets stars energy dark matter and all that exist now there has to be something in order for the bang to happend?😵 there had to be a "before all this"


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