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Representing hours of thoughtful song selection, mixing and liaising with artists, we’re incredibly excited to share our first mix of what will hopefully be many more to come. In The Quiet… is an hour of chill, peaceful, relaxing, soaking, reflective music all from Christian artists perfect to listen to during quiet times. Covering a whole range of genres, the mix has been carefully crafted to create seamless transitions between songs taking you on a journey as you listen through. Sit back, hit play and connect with God, leave your comments below because we’d love to hear what you did whilst listening to In The Quiet… and tell us what future mixes you’d like to see us do!

Also a big thank you to all the artists on the mix, for creating such a great music and for the support you’ve had for this channel and the help in creating this mix!

✞ Tracklist:
0:00 The Dust Of Men – I See It All
2:58 Michael Bird – Gracious Tempest (Hillsong Y&F Cover)
6:24 Loud Harp – Hold Me Together/Untitled (Medley)
9:10 Montell Fish – 11-47 (Extended Edition)
12:40 Beautiful Eulogy – Hello From Portland (Slowed Edit)
15:20 Urban Rescue – More (Lowercase Noises Remix)
20:48 Taylor Armstrong – You’re My Best Friend
25:19 Fresh Life Worship – Be
28:40 Tal & Acacia – Ninety-Three
33:57 Rivers & Robots – Be Still
38:23 Chris Howland – Next To Me (WYLD Remix)
42:12 Jasmine Guerrero – Breathe
45:22 Local Sound – Heaven Here Now
51:02 Eikon – Take A Moment
54:13 Rivers & Robots – High Priest

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  1. We are bound always to give thanks to God for you brothers and sisters, as it is fitting , because you faith is growing abundantly , the love of everyone abounds towards each other . We boast about you in the churches O'God for your patience towards us in all our persecutions and tribulations that we are enduring for your name.This is evidence that God's judgements being righteous ,will count you worthy of the kingdom of God.!

  2. Im not gonna lie. But this is so relaxing, I think this is better than lofie or lofi whatever. Im justs gonna say I hope you have a good day today. May god blees you, forgive you, admire you, and make sure you love him.

  3. I'm excited to say. I've opened a new website! It's called
    Scriptural-Based Articles and How to's. It has a bunch of info. To ways
    to worship, to studying the word, to faith and other topics. Well, not
    really. It only has 2 articles. But still, check it out, and stay tuned
    for more of my posts!

  4. I'm learning about mental health, I decided to really work to stop the anxiety and all the bad thougts that tell me I'm not enough. That feeling of always find the negative in everything. I'm so sick of that! I wanna be better, I used to see the positive part of life, and I know there's still in me that view, as a child of God we are called to tell the good news. The King is alive, he's coming back…we are going to be alright. While he's coming, I will just learn to enjoy the quiet in the middle of the storm. Yeshuah is the Shalom.

    Thank you so much for this amazing music, It's really helpful to focus and connect with God.

  5. I can’t stop weeping. This is the best worship set I have ever heard. My heart comes alive and I just want to fall on my face before my Savior and dance and worship for Him. Every pain I have ever known is falling away as I come into His presence.

  6. please pray for me as I am writing exams and suffer from severe anxiety, God and his power help me so very much. My uncle prayed for me when I had an attack and in a few minutes, I had no stressful bone in my body. GOD IS GOOD. His power is amazing and he is the love of our lives.

  7. Where has this been during my exam months? Now that I'm on my last yr of high school and later going to college I know what type of Christian music to turn too (when it comes to studying) , this will definitely remind me of the love of God and the peace that surrounds me even in my toughest days!!❤❤

  8. The feelings the intro bloomed was deep and thoughtful yet when the singer opened his lips, I had to put down my bible. It was so bad! I can not believe that anyone could play this and enjoy themselves. The Christian community needs to look into this and make sure it gets fixed. And remember he knows.


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