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  1. My belief is, All who have literally sold their soul to the devil by any means possible and succeeded to live the true emptiness and evil related conjourings but not the opposite of "Peace and Harmony" in the True El Shaddai which is Yeheshua Amasiac, shall just get down on their knees Before Our God of Alpha and Omega and sincerely, faithfully and humbly with humility pray for forgiveness and Invite Our Saviour Jesus Christ (verbally) into Your Heart and ask for redemption. Believe me, if your Heart is True, a miracle of Lightness will come bestowed upon you like a new born child and the Lord's wisdom of recovery will continue to Bless your life forward just as it is written in the Prayer Psalm of King David ; Holy Bible Book Of Psalm Chapter 23 verses 1 thru 6. 10-Q much.

  2. Brother why have you got a 7 at the end of your name …. Is it because 7 is the number of the serpent? I think it's 777 , but I wonder whether you are a wolf in sheep's clothing due to your name…..

    Other than that congratulations brother you got yourself a new subscriber. Keep up the good work! God bless you. Jesus saves!

  3. When u do these vids u should play small clips of all he other singers admitting it Rhianna, cardi b, lady gaga….and notice there always interviewed by fellow satanist……โœŒ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ love โœ

  4. How many times are you gonna watch and hear these celebrities admit that theyโ€™re possessed ! Oprah denied our Lord Jesus Christ publicly,peoples are listening but not hearing,and theyโ€™re watching but not seeing !
    I ask in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to open up their eyes and ears.Thank you for your show brother may God bless you and your loved ones Amen ๐Ÿ™

  5. Yes people will listen cos theyre inherently greedy always wanting more than they got. Don't they know it's only for a short time? Oh they'll promise you the world yes but once you've sold out your fugn over.

  6. If we get to Heaven,we'll spend Eternity gazing with pure love into the beautiful face of God and bathing in His reflected Glory and His perfect love! We'll feel unimaginable bliss, ecstasy and joy forever.We won't be concerned with anything else except God,Father,Son and Holy Spirit!Imagine being able to SEE them at long last, and touch and hear and talk to them face-to-face? What could possibly be worth loosing such a sublime experience for?God bless all here!

  7. ECW2 Alliance TEMPLES HRVD Masonic Fraternity ECW2 Illuminati Groups COSMIC FAMILIHOOD a ECW2 HUMBOLDT AEROSPACE GROUP PAGE join us to learn the magical that will set you free to colonize OuterSpace and our 5 gifted apologized reparational EXO PLANETS so, don't be fooled, with untrue beliefs, HRVD Hoogee Reegee VOO DOO, I teach my Flock Discipleship Apprenticeship InternStudents, will awaken the DemiGodhoods within you all, as we channel our A.A.A.GH, Ancient Aliens Ancestors Descendants Godhoods, now DemiGods and DemiGoddesses at ECW2 UCPE COLONY'S GALACTIC KINGDOM Professionals
    81 OUT OF 82 Year launch windows countdown. 20228 Presidential candidate WILLIS II and Vice President WILLIAMS and Re-Election Presidential candidate WILLIS II and Vice President WILLIAMS of 2032 Presidential candidate.

  8. You speak and try to teach…but what you do is teaching how to judge others. Let Hashem judge. Who judges…this is what you do…making other people looking bad…because you are right right…your bible is right right? You follow a white man Roman religion! What is the only true way…right?? I will not judge you because it's not my place. Don't you know you should love thy neighbour?? Spread love! Don't make these kind of videos to show people that madonna or denzel are satan worshippers!! You judge and are teaching people how to judge others! Do you know madonna or denzel personally?? If so you should still not put others down. Teach people how to love and spread love. Not to spread demon news over the globe. Understand how dangerous it is what you do. I wonder when people make these kind of videos…why do they do that??? Because if you have true love in your heart…you will not go in to war with low energies. Because you think you are right and your religion is the only way to God. You only see your view…the view of your religion. Everyone who does not follow your religion is a satanist…right?? Bless madonna and bless denzel! Two human beings who are created bij The Almighty! I send love and light to them. And each time others put them down and talk and gossip bad things over them they will be blessed. Because God is with the people who have been gossip and being put down by others. Moshe and the other prophets were rich people…powerful and rich…demons??? Stop judging other people! Or you will be judged yourself!

  9. Act and then a brutal scacrifice death he'll nah ask my uncle Jack he nos he showed me the truth so keep being blind lol but as for me in 7 days I'll be set free gb the world for that

  10. Satan owns this world. God owns the heavens. They are everywhere lead by Satan and are those that come to lead the sheeple toward Satan and his ways. In film music and all computer's connected by the world wide web. We are in the end of days signs are all around us. Satan walks among us. Be careful he is in every home protraing good and brings evil. He is learning you while misleading you. Awaken and find God his final judgement is at hand Satan will NOT WIN. God have mercy on us forgive Us and protect us through Christ Jesus we beg on bended broken knee dear God please.. God bless you brother but like you said the people in this world has learned to follow all the wrong things people and these Satanist and his minion's….ijs wake up sheeple there isn't much time…stop look around, here he comes we know not the hour minute or day but the signs tell us it is coming the final battle hope you are on the right side and not the left behind side…

  11. These woman are all illuminati witches. Oprah plays a big big part in this circle shes the queen just like madonna and beyonce all nasty evil witches. God help those who are not awake and are blind folded to these hollywood monsters. DO NOT BE FOOLED, this is why she wants to get in the white house and play president to cast out more evil into the world and play everyone a fool.

  12. The problem, as I see it as being a big one, is people get the message that God forgives all sins- so people get the idea that their sins will, after a life filled with sinning, will be forgiven later in life when they repent + ask for forgiveness.
    Even the majority of singers + actors who sell their soul for wealth + success on this earth feel that all will be forgiven because โ€œzGod forgives all sinsโ€.
    I would really appreciate you clarifying this because I feel it it is the reason for so much sin that is committed these days.


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