Monday night service of the New ERA conference @MorningStar Ministries



  1. Yesterday as I walked in a bushy area I just picked a piece of white cardboard and took a pen from my rucksack and the Lord had me write these words: 'I have called you even as I called Moses. This is your burning bush. This is a new season.'
    Today… 1 July…. which is my birthday I randomly came across this this Moses prophecy from a man I have never heard of before. And my daughters sent me video birthday greeting which was restoration of a broken relationship. God is faithful and true. And yes I have had lower back pain.

  2. This is Moses. Everything he said is deeply true including my secret thoughts and fears. No way he could know anything about it. I always wondered about my name Jorgensen means son of George and I couldn't understand the significance but now I know. I have been praying desperately for reconciliation with my wife and children and it just gets more and more impossible. My daughter's middle name is grace I pray the grace package involves adding my children into my ministry. This was two days ago and the many little sores all over my legs have cleared up. My birthdays last 5 years have been desolate. Last year there was a big birthday party by ppl who love me but from another country and I was just joining them online. I was grateful to them but felt so deeply desolate. I pray that there is ”another kind of celebration " this year 2022 and I am with my loved ones in the flesh as well as the spirit. Chris is a true prophet. Chris means Christ bearer. This prophecy shows that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. May we all see the Christ that he is preaching. Thanks God to see his goodness in the land of the living.

  3. 🙏🏼Pastor Reed, I’m so happy to watch you…Dear God, I thank You for Your work in Pastor Reed! God please bless & prosper him…and Sweet Father, if You’re willing, please give him a word for me. Thank You Lord, Amen!!!🙏🏼


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