Indigenous MP Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has slammed Lisa Wilkinson’s husband and journalist Peter FitzSimons for being ‘rude and aggressive’ to her during an interview.  

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Price claimed the interview with FitzSimons started out well, but claimed that he became ‘aggressive … condescending and rude’ to her.

I don’t know if I’d do another interview with the bloke again. He accused me of giving racists a voice but that wasn’t printed,” Price wrote. 

FitzSimons, who penned the article on the Sun-Herald, denies her portrayal of how the interview went, describing her claims are ‘complete and utter … nonsense’. 

In the article, Price discussed her opposition to the Albanese government’s proposed ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’, which FitzSimons has publicly supported on social media.

Price said the interview with FitzSimons was like ‘talking to a brick wall’ and that she felt ‘insulted’.

I’m not a wilting violet but he’s a very aggressive bloke, his interview style is very bloody aggressive, he doesn’t need to launch in,” she said.

Accusing me of somehow giving power to racists because the issues I raise are confronting – he loses the point completely.

FitzSimons has refuted Price’s claims, labelling the interview as ‘professional exchange’, telling The Australian newspaper that the interview was a friendly affair.

The Daily Mail Australia reported:

Senator Price said she was shocked by FitzSimons’ stance on Indigenous issues.

‘I was really taken aback and I was exhausted by the energy it took having to defend myself. 

‘I was made to feel as though what I was trying to do is wrong and my voice is not as legitimate as those who purport to suffer from 250 years of colonisation,’ she said.

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