THEY are winning, while everyone talks and argues , they keep on going CERN is running, the censors are clamping down on the christians the LGBT is in every position of power, we are TOTALLY surrounded by evil, we need to suck it up and understand Jesus asks only one thing Believe on him and you will be saved.

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  1. hey rfb, ima keep on ya bout sum kinda 4-wheelin, bonfire thing in nh this summer. dude, we need to know each other, network, etc. no ones gonna make it through this without God n family, n for alot of us, we got no family, so its community. you da man! thanks bro.

  2. right on ritchie, the us must repent or fall. the young have been deceived and it's all for an anything goes immorality that is leading to an elite child molesters free for all. the politicians are making it legal to sexually abuse children and call it learning, finding themselves and their orientation of gender. i call it perverted. teaching gay sex to 5 year olds isn't my idea of children finding themselves. what happened to the "onward christian soldiers" america was once filled with before ww1 ? the military industrial complex has destroyed america.

  3. Richie , sorry for any confusion before , I realized what JD was all about and he took me for a ride using the disguise of a patriot , same with Doom so for what it's worth I got no problem with you and like your stuff bud ! Have a nice day !

  4. anybody wanna pray with me.

    FATHER, ABBA…reveal yourself….send the King..YOU said if you didn't. hurry your plan at the end of days, no flesh would be saved for you to harvest. FATHER. the wheat are being torn up with chaff. the maryters under your alter are crowded….ya tho we all walk through the shadow of death, we fear no evil, for not only are you with us,…but we dont die. strengthen that thing within all of us that only you can kill. be of good courage my friends, we have a king who has already con urred, death And. sin…so give a cheer…you cant fight evil with evil….Father set a people apart for his name to show the world how to walk by faith and that people Rent khazarian,,…but the ones scripture states father would set apart to show how fithful He is to his Word. he is not a man yhat should lie and there is only one people who fit that description. 49p yrs theyve suffered….exactly ss He s a id they would.

    we are the fruit of that suffering and father is not respecter of persons… its harvest time y'all…. FATHER REVEAL YOURSELF….MANIFEST

    MY King, take my petition before the Father… I ask it in your name, my King and ONLY high priest….Yeshua Amessuia
    ask eryha aser erhya ( I am that I AM)…To strengthen his people, for only HE
    knows who they are.

    can 2 or 3 lock fists with me in this spiritual warfare?

  5. Hold on tight brother,every reality we know and hold dear will be ripped from our fingers,but we will have each other like islands of humanity and reason in a sea of madness,let your heart be your compass and hold the keel true !

  6. It don't prove god moron it proves that people will believe anything and follow anyone if it gives them what they want, it is the powers to be that make it happen for them not god morons.

  7. even though you're from Baahhstaahhn.. you talk good.. very good video. a LOT more people think like you than you know.. DEFINITELY more than the media would have us believe.. we ARE the majority, they're just telling us we ain't.. fight on, good luck.. it's all coming to a head.. it can't be stopped. they've fukt it up way beyond fixing. it's gonna have to implode and all we gotta do, is climb out of the rubble. our virtue of self reliance is foreign to them. they can't survive in the conditions we are preparing for. stay the course. it is right…. i never heard of you til just now.. not that it's any big deal but i just subscribed… have a nice day!

  8. To sum it up we are at a time where one has to choose, and like the song says if you don't you have still made a choice.( But It aint For Jesus). God Bless you and yours!

  9. oops… to my incomplete previous thought…. physical evil manifests itself daily… so why should it be so difficult to believe those who say they have signed their soul away for earthly riches….

  10. Richie, I think you can trust in these assurances… Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed. No one can say 'Jesus is Lord' except by The Holy Spirit. But as many as received Him, to them he gave the power to become sons of God, even to them who believe on His name.

  11. I grew up catholic & haven't supported religion now since 1991!! It was just my decision to do so from what I "learned & observed"! I, myself, can stomach only so much talk about Jesus, God & this, that! I don't dismiss others opinions, but, also, understand that I don't know! Every day, I see good & I see evil! For me, their is a Creator & therefore strive to live from my heart!! Great vid, and a tolerable amount of Jesus talk! Be Well!!

  12. I may not have the same beliefs as you but I'm happy to stand beside anyone with a good positive spirit and fight for everyone's right to find their own truth, whatever you want it to be. Peace and love brother.

  13. Hey, my Older brother you said you were broke.  Well, what you just said has placed your stones on the scale in this Earth….but your reward will be riches in heaven.  You will be so glad to be there you will cast your crownssss at the Saviors feet.  Keep talking and get the Soul Winners Crown too!

  14. You will make the cut rich if you believe Jesus died for us rose again and is seated at the right hand of the father you will be saved no matter what. You can't lose your salvation if you truly believe in him. Sounds to me that you do believe.

  15. 10,000 thumbs up my friend – – I am very glad to have found your channel etc. You know what's real, and speak from the heart, a killer combo, and I don't think you gotta worry about making the cut . . imo, it's similar to being pregnant . . you either are or you're not . . blessings

  16. I am a 61 year old recovering alcoholic sober 15 years this summer.  I've been face down on the ground.  I am alive today only because of a powerful, merciful and loving God.  Stand strong for your instinctive beliefs.  They are not wrong!  God bless brother, keep up the good work.


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