Alex Jones issues an apology a retraction and continues to push the censorship censorship limited hangup know as pizza gate



  1. The fact is, you truthers are professionals. You know that you have to be prepared to say anything to goose up your audience share. At least Alex Jones looked into the abyss (libel and slander cases can get pretty damned expensive) and decided to stop the game. Maybe you just don't know what it's like to be forced to prove yourself in a court of law. I'm sure that if you keep it up, we'll see serial retractions from you as well.

  2. You don't live in your car, do you Richie? xD Just found your channel a couple weeks ago and can't stop watching your videos. Keep fighting the good fight. God bless!

  3. Hey Richie- 60-minutes did a Hit-piece on "Fake-News" tonight… Commenting on Alefantis, Hillary Clinton…the whole nine-yards. Total white-wash…didn't know if you knew about it… (apparently Alex Jones did!)

  4. I believe that this is going on but I knew no one would be prosecuted because it was a planned event made to look real without proof. Lionel's analysis said that & it made sense but not provable.

  5. Alex Jones is the best Info wars is the best I will never watch your chanel again after what you said about the only channel that gives perfect 100% truth they always do their research they know what they are talking about . They will win this Godly fight against you left wing nuts. Let me tell you the truth that if it was not for info wars and the team Trump there would be Pedo`s getting away with what they did to children and all the left wing evil people involved would keep hiding under the rock they deserve to hide under. Go do your research and learn from the truth team of experts that know what they are talking about.

  6. And if you have family and children do you understand how easy it is to be threatened
    Would you put people you love in harms way ? Stop being jerks and Back Alex jones if you can't unite as one movement and help one another you will fail why not sue comet ping pong for threats and cover up of heinous crimes and colluding
    In criminal activity but all together make Alafonso prove otherwise and bring him to court to explain his actions ? You are all wimps and instead of uniting together you discreadit each other by insulting each other pussy wimps and you all deserve to be shut down for your self promoting egoism you turned your backs on one of your own
    That's called treason and by definition a Traitor !

  7. Alex Jones being one of the biggest Truth sights was bated and trapped exactly to shut up the truth seeking movement people like you have nothing to loose but Alex jones operation was the invincible Achilles ! If he goes down we all go down and as the saying goes better to retreat today to fight another day and when you have no proof on someone then you can't slander when the police have backed of you as a reporter what can you do ?
    So stop bitching on Alex cause he will probably be the one to expose and bring the proof in the future

  8. Damn¬†you Alex , bring shame to the truther Community … well he's only been doing that for 20 odd years. But on a positive note he is coming undone : )

  9. Sry have to ask….how much were you sued for Richie? Everyone is quick to judge, but his platform reaches millions. Also, he WARNED everyone to begin with and even fired Joe Biggs for covering it against his wishes. Christopher Greene also warned everyone throughout about the topic. So everyone that got sued, and are still reporting this, PLEASE stand up otherwise its all sour grapes.

  10. Its obvious Alex Jones works for them, he is an annoying loud mouth idiot! his channel is just there to sell stuff and push the agenda for the powers that be…..

  11. Alex….shame shame,
    Never report Fake News.
    Alex does his job very well despite the minor location issue.
    That retraction doesn't lessen his true talent of Shit Stirring and making it smell aromatic.
    He's delivered that's forsure….lol
    Rock it out Richie!

  12. As per Info Wars size and growth, Alex has been around since 99 the dawn of the web. Not only that Alex built on his own piece of real estate. He didn't depend solely on YouTube, or Facebook for traffic. If you take the time to research Alex's and Info Wars growth it is a natural and very realistic even. Additionally Info Wars backed off of Pizza gate from almost the get go because of a lack data and speculation. . I enjoy your channel, but I believe your completely wrong about Alex Jones and InfoWars.

  13. all things hidden will be revealed . Promise from God . We all know the stories of what children who gets free from those sinful people say bout what they were made to do. Yeshua is coming to take His wrath on these secret things hidden ! We're at the end of the Story !

  14. That's untrue, actually. The world has known the earth is flat for thousands of years. The globe theory only came into play within the last hundred years or so. You don't believe in Christ, obviously; well, do you believe in ancient civilizations? The FE has been depicted as long as there have been human beings. Why, however, do we have to resort to slamming other people's faiths, or lack thereof, because we aren't agreeing on a topic. I had no doubt that we lived on a spinning ball, kept in place by an undefined "force" theory, circling a deadly, giant ball of fire, while dodging huge space rocks, just like you do; until the God that you mock, woke my ass up and showed me he Truth. You should try it!


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