In the Times’ first feature-length documentary Alastair Good travelled to north Idaho to investigate whether a movement to build a home for conservative christians and unhappy Trump voters is being exploited by extremists planning for secession.

Produced, directed and edited by Alastair Good.
Camera, sound and animation by Jack Feeney.

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  1. Hello from Colorado! Good luck with your little dynasty. When your power struggles begin internally, you’ll understand why most conservatives are still hoping to keep the union in tact… you might be right, but god forbid. You think JB is the worst of our problems? Wait till your lil’ militias defect. Friggin reckless and not thoroughly thought out.

  2. What a joke. At first i thought this was going to be a pro Chump video (which would be a joke too) I can't stand Chump nor can i stand Creepy Joe. Both sides are snakes just like this channel painting a picture as if all or even most Chumpers are white supremacists and that is such bullshit. I know a lot of really good people with good intentions who voted Chump. Tbey are not bad people tbey are just severely deceived…just like most of you.

  3. This reporter doesn't have an agenda huh
    Wanting to live with like minded people, live safe, not want their houses and businesses burnt down or high taxes is terrorism now?
    If every White , Right Wingers moved there the blacks, browns and commies would be trying to sneak it by the millions

  4. So – because everyone this old white guy knows in Northern Idaho voted for Trump – then Biden's win must be fake.
    And they bristle when we call them – ignorant.
    Too funny.

  5. Trump claims that he could have finish his fake wall in three weeks, why didn't he? why because he is part of the so called Elite. Let's MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN. So that Israel can build the Third Temple for the Anti-Christ. lol

  6. dang dot damn so where dose the Hebrews fit in this plan when they know meaning cabal that we as Hebrews are the chosen ones the apple of GOGS eye would we be loved and excepted there dang cuz we have been trying to tell them[white people]since the 60s when were walking passing out peace sign flower apple seeds and STD"s unknowably dang dot damn where is GODS people in this wonderful lovely beautiful plan of life dot damn would some one talk to me like a 4 year old🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨

  7. All trumps judges that he put on the bench all agree he lost fair & square.All the republicans that worked closely with trump are all testifying about the plot he & his minions started to formulate a plan to hang onto power no matter what
    Outcome of the vote was.
    As usual since their orange
    Cult leader is still throwing his lying tantrum they keep repeating their lies.
    Going back to the 1930's
    All the racist seem to be running to their new utopia
    Any mostly white area where land has been stolen from the rightful Native Americans .Remember when the orange Clown wanted to buy Greenland.
    The make amerikkka white again mantra it's been tried & true by coming down an escalator & immediately trying to disenfranchise franchise & cast anyone of
    a different persuasion
    as criminals. They lie, it was an insurrection, they know that. What kind of idiot just listens to a man baby & makes life changing decisions of of lies.

  8. The "Biblical Basis for War" is a very worrying prospect. Essentially it puts power in the hands of the "Leader" to go against all values of a decent society. To write it is based upon a collection of writings from thousands of years ago is unscrupulous in its efforts to claim a moral authority.

  9. From about 50 minutes on where the documents are being browsed this interview runs aground. Neither the interviewer nor the sheriff seem to know this is not biblical teaching. We all know how frequently people think they are quoting the Bible and either they have misquoted it or made something of their own up and attempted to adopt biblical language style. Unless you personally know what the Bible does or does not say you are easy to mislead and to easy to fool. As for some of those interviewed or quoted, being a zealot doesn't qualify anyone to assume the position of a teacher, so hopefully these people will do their homework and at the very least know when something is being misquoted or fabricated. Otherwise they are putting themselves into the hands of yet another snake who is after a following.

    Also, when we think of the Mormons in Utah and the various places Mennonites cluster as well as the Amish Country it reminds us that it is not new for people of like minds to want to live near one another. What about reservations? Tribal members don't have to live there but a lot of them do. Rather than throwing gasoline on this situation, we need to see these people as a community who are obviously varied in reasons for considering a break from states that no longer represent the people of their constituency. So much of the government has shamed itself miserably before the very people who would like to support and honor it. It has become an embarrassment to the people and itself, and there is justified anger and shock at it's behavior. There is fear of the future. People are starting to ask themselves where they can go and what will be their means of riding out the calamity of the nation's dissolution. This is just one such group, and they don't deserve to be collectively branded extremists or weirdos. Are there some among them? Probably. There are some of those in the average neighborhood, and we needn't pretend disbelief or even surprise unless we have spent the last decade in a coma. We will see more of these groups looking for some kind of solidarity that can offer stability or even refuge when hope is past for the healing of the nation.

  10. 40:11 I wonder if this sheriff can see the irony in what he's saying. Why does he think people broke from England's monarchy, sacrificed themselves and their families, argued, agonized, prayed, worked tirelessly, persevered among themselves once in the new country to find common ground, common needs, shared ideals and to establish a government that would be representative of them, not treading on them. It doesn't sound to me like the people gathering in this area of the US are asking for anything different. In fact it sounds like a microcosm of how we began in the first place. We're so busy trying to be politically correct and making every minute faction a special interest group that unity is a thing of the past and people who haven't succumbed are "extremists". America has long been expected to be everything to every one on the planet. A few rational people understand it is not possible and that any further attempt to throw an even wider loop will be the last of our death knell.

  11. @19:13 Of course professors can impact people's belief systems and always have. College-age young adults have always been susceptible and are more so now because they, in this era have as a generation, not been encouraged in critical thinking, independent thinking and opposing what might threaten the global agenda.

  12. When pastors are so obsessed with sexual sin it usually is because they are deep into sin themselves, I never heard the word fornication before I entered a doomed Pentecostal church where the white anglo saxon pastor was so obsessed he saw the devil everywhere…. Keep the people free from these devouring skunks. 🦉

  13. omg…..who cares about what happened in the past…we cant time travel…all we can do is strive to make a more perfect union for everybody….this is a joke documentary…not seeing how american ideals of safety and the 2nd amendment is somehow made evil just cuz a long time ago…there was cultural clashes….like its not the same people..things are simply handled differently these days…such absurd brainwashing bullshit


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