306: On this episode of CCNT, Flippy to be doctors “right hand,” Japan company to build space robot fleet, rooster rebellion, Pope to have inter-faith prayer at Ur Ziggurat, gold image of Trump, Trump CPAC speech, Washington Times says “China won,” China bolsters drone borders, 33 deaths in Athens, Maryland, and Indiana, and 33 black men documentary, satanic Eurovision, Business Insider says “inflation is good,” Bill Gates ignorance on Bitcoin (facts say otherwise), Tom Cruise Deep Fake, and ancestry Deep Fake. #PopeFrancis #Ziggurat #Trump

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  1. Curious where you're getting the US death rate #'s, CDC was showing an excess of 300,000 deaths for 2020, but we all know they're liars and have in the past put up numbers and then taken them down! If anyone can help a girl (pronouns She/her 😉 ) out!


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