The Canadian government continues to violate the human rights of political dissidents in Canada. We should not forget what has been done to our civil liberties over the past two years under the guise of health and safety.

On last night’s episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Rebel News‘ Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid (@SheilaGunnReid) to discuss her mission to Geneva, Switzerland, where she delivered an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding Justin Trudeau’s treatment of political dissidents in Canada.

Explaining her mission to Geneva, Sheila told Ezra:

We found the building of the UN Human Rights Council and we went there with our complaint. And I must tell you, I only saw the 15-page draft that [lawyer Sarah Miller] sent. You know they only actually wanted an eight-page draft, but she’s after details — so hers is 15 pages. But her supporting evidence that she provided filled up, and I mean filled up, a three-inch binder. A white three-inch binder, that was our complaint.

So it had her legal complaint, and then all the supporting evidence of the infractions on human rights by the government, and all levels of government, not just Justin Trudeau, over the last two years.

Really, ultimately, it came down to: if you want civil rights in Canada, you better agree with the government. Because once you broke ways with the government on any issue; how many people you should have in your church, how many people you should have in your house, who do you get to serve your burgers to — once you did that, the government came for you and you risked incarceration, financial ruin, being cut off from your bank account — and not just one incarceration, but repeated incarceration.

That’s one of the things Sarah points out in her complaint, is that these are arbitrary detentions — people being imprisoned for things that you would never see the inside of a jail cell for.

So, like you Ezra, I’m a critic of the United Nations. I’m a skeptic of everything they do — they don’t even allow me in their conferences anymore. But these are the people who complain at Saudi Arabia for their treatment of Christians. These are the same people who complain at China for their treatment of religious minorities and peaceful protesters. So now, maybe they need to level the same criticisms at Justin Trudeau.

And one of two things is going to come of it: the United Nations is going to discredit itself further, or they will embarrass Justin Trudeau. And I’m fine with either one.

You can learn more about our formal complaint to the UN, and read the complaint for yourself at

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