Intifada of the Knives: Bible Prophecy End Times, ISIS #beheadthejew hashtag sign of Christ’s return. Free Bible with commentary from Christadelphian Carelinks Ministries . The focus upon knives and beheading recalls the prediction of Revelation 20:4 that God’s people will be beheaded in the final last days scenario within the land / earth promised to Abraham. The Hebrew word translated “knife” is also translated “sword”; but essentially, the word refers to a knife. Esau was to be characterized by a sword (Gen. 27:40); and “Esau is Edom”, the Arab peoples. The call for an “intifada of knives” has a strange connection with how God will “call for a knife / sword” to destroy Israel’s latter day invaders, who will come upon Israel ‘wielding knives’ (AV “all of them handling swords”; Ez. 38:4,21). The connection is in the fact that they shall be punished in the same terms as they abused Israel. And we note that it is God who will call for a knife / sword upon Israel as punishment for their rejection of Him (Lev. 26:25,32,36,37). Edom shall slay Israel by the knife / sword in the time when their iniquity has an end- in the very last days before their repentance and when they receive the last punishment for their sins (Ez. 35:5).



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