Originally aired March 16, 2012

GREETING FROM THE COAL MINE! This is our first podcast of what we hope to be many to come. After a brief introduction about the show, Basil and Gonz talk about internet tracking, where it’s at and what it means for the future of an open source internet in America and the world. We then move into a brief conversation about transhumanism, technocracy, and the Smart Grid.



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  1. Hey guys…I know you've been around for quite some time now, but to me, you're fairly brand new! I experienced my "awakening" or "Red Pill" moment a little over a year ago, and since then I've been consuming as much truth as I possibly can find. I appreciate Canary Cry, and anything by Gonz and Face Like the Sun (haven't really found anything from just Basil yet, so please direct me if there is such things!), because of the solid Christian foundation, and fundamental Christian values and beliefs that I share. Thank you guys, for having the courage to not only stand up for truth and the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also for the different ideas and theories that you have posited throughout the years (and allowed others to posit). While we may never know for sure what "really happened" until the day we meet Jesus and become like Him, it's still exciting to look at the evidence and open our minds to the kinds of things that pastors and Christians in general don't usually talk about, or even know exists. It truly does take courage to put these ideas out there, and I know I'm not alone when I say that you are appreciated! Love you guys!! Sorry for writing so much…lol

  2. Your names are not really Gonz and Basil… 🙁 why are you not using your real names? Yeah, I know about the security type things you get through anonymity… but it's not like satan and all the demons don't know your name anyway. 

    I am a little surprised at this. I guess because I have seen preachers and prophets have their names changed by God, but I don't think I remember any of them who went by another name for any other reason. Esther I guess is one but… I dunno.


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