The Elites are simply toying with people seeing or guaging the psuhback. In the old days a hurricane was a storm not a big deal really. But now its a game of Simon Sez.
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  1. I stayed home I don't understand why all these people would leave when this is what they signed up for living on the Atlantic ocean in warm water near the equator…. media using fear porn no one believed me either↗

  2. Rich, entertain this scenario for five seconds…. the pathetic little parasites knew that the tidal waters along mass expanses of coastline was going to recede suddenly during the time period when it occurred in North America…. so they are in a panic… knowing a lot of eyebrows are gonna raise when it happens… so their using every geo engineering tool they have to spark a major storm off the coast of Africa….. once they succeed at that, total focus on hyping the storm in every outlet available to be able to convince the masses that a hurricane caused the receding oceans. Just my take.

  3. BROTER it hit as a Cat3 130+ mpw I lost everything I own and many in Marco Naples everglade City and Bonita Estero lost all we have I'm Homless I don't Find this video to be in Your Good taste as normal I did it disrepectful for all of us who went through it of do we not matter I am disappointed in u have some empathy

  4. The News I watched it was Cat 4 . That hit the Keys……The Devistation I saw, cat2 doesnt Reduce a House to TOOTH PICS…JDK, JSMH, I HAVE BEEN IN A MAJOR HURRICANE ON AN ISLAND, IT WAS 3 OR 4 SOOO, LONG AGO, CANT REMEBER…,THE EXACT # . THE NAME, BOB….MY HOUSE WAS IN TACT…..LIMBS DOWN, BUT, WHAT I SAW, IN FLORIDA, THE KEYS……, IDK…..??????

  5. We want to be warned. But weather is still unpredictable. They can change the forecasts every 3 hours. So they are always right, huh ? Its like the economy. They tell us how it is so we can respond to it. But nobody knows what economy really is because it changes all the time. How can you be certain in a very doubtfu and uncertain world ? I know for sure that I live 🐝That is all

  6. Tell'm Brother…I'm in Tampa Bay , and had some strange happenings during Storm…the Bay recedes , green lights in the sky , NOT Transformers , I mean in the sky during the storm between midnight and 4 AM our time.

  7. Not, only are they pulling the plugs on the power but they are shutting of the drainage so that even the small amount of water will cause the flooding…I'm from Florida and the rain the caused the flooding was not enough water to cause flooding to that extent. I been through storms were it had rained for days and only seen a small amount of flooding.. But it rained for a couples of hours from a Cat. 2 hurricane and it caused mass of amount of floods to areas that are not a low line area and areas that's not near the coast or near a lake or river..Not adding up..

  8. what nobody mentions is the fact they keep showing that cgi image of florida with the red hurricane over come NEVER a real pic of the state with the actual cloud over it or aproacjing it even better.dont even say its because the earth is too big.we got close ups of mars….why cant they show an actual pic of florida with the storm clouds coming in??

  9. Yep that's what they did. People everywhere where crashing and one guy got killed on my road. And I'm in the middle of nowhere. I love it. The wind was so strong (in central Florida) that everytime it started to blow and rip limbs off the oak trees I held my breath. It's intense, but I'm a born and raised resident here so I've been in alot. Like every hurricane I pray ALOT and tell family to please pray even if they don't believe (because they are under demonic oppression) and I always make it undamaged and safely. We serve the most incredible and amazing God. I may not have money or car and live in a giant house, but I've got peace, and a sound mind, I'm happy and I have actual genuine loving relationships with everyone in my life. This might make me sound crazy but with money comes demons and problems I don't need. Human beings always find some reason to stress with or without money. Do I'll keep my low-key happy life.great video Richie!

  10. I have family in Ft. Meyers, they got a lil dinged up (screen around the pool is a lil bent) but no flooding in or around they're house. And family in Kissimmee said, it's just alot of water, like a bad storm. Both have power.

  11. I live in Tampa i told everyone it wasn't gonna be that bad there just trying make money off us in know people that spent all there money & rent money just 2 get out fl & for nothing

  12. While I believe that these hurricanes are manufactured, and it's all a huge drill, I also believe that they are a huge distraction to whatever else the gov't is cooking up in other ways that we have heard nothing about, but will learn about sooner or later – the hard way. That is their M. O. you know.

  13. well get used to it till people can pull there heads out there ass stop fighting with each other and fight the gov we out number them and they know this that is why they have us fight each other

  14. Good practice for the enforcers moving large masses of people to and fro, and getting those same people used to the idea of abandoning their homes when the authorities deem it necessary.

  15. Check out Truth channel, she has shown for several days that the local radar images did not match the CGI monster images brought to you by NASA and NOAA, just a big bloody psy-op. Let us not forget they could be rolling out BLUEBEAM.

  16. Deception through Diversion is one of the few practices that works both tactically and strategically. It is the tool the media has always used, for it has been employed successfully by armies since antiquity. We are so easily deceived.

  17. A call for an uprising had a video about the coastlines drawing away because "Irma is so powerful that it is actually changing the shape of the ocean" and now it's just a tropical storm according to the news this morning…… So many things not adding up and nobody but us tin foil hat wearers asking questions.


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