Is Calvinism Biblical or Not? Have you ever been distressed over Predestination and if God has chosen you to be saved? In this video, Greg Laurie discusses if people are predestined to hell or heaven, and tells us how to be certain we are in fact chosen by God to be saved and be counted into the ranks of the elect!

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  1. Super unbiblical. It is sad that a preacher posts this online. If there is no one that seeks God (Romans 3) than how do we end up in his presence . The answer is John 6:44. and no one coming to the Christ unless the Father draws him. The Father draws the elect to Christ, who regenerates them and offers them assurances of salvation.

  2. Calvinism and Arminianism….a
    very powerful and simple example that puts both “ism’s to rest….have we
    not forgotten the thief on the cross?. Remember one of the most startling
    and beautiful moments of the Gospel, ,  one of the thief’s on the cross saying to
    Jesus… “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” (Lk 23:42). Jesus
    replies saying, “Amen, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise…..No
    works, No election…So can we except  SALVATION
    is just belief and faith in the finished work of the cross…actually that’s what
    Christ said “it’s Finish – Done!!, works, repenting and all the fruits all come
    from our belief in Jesus, Amazing G-R-A-C-E…(God’s)… (Righteousness)…(At)…(Christ’s)…(Expanse)….God

  3. The word "Calvinism " is not found in the bible. Calvinist usually are puffed up with their knowledge of man's interpretation of the scriptures. They enjoy debates, a large vocabulary and an "unhealthy obsession with words".

    They idolize theologians and their writings. A constant obsession with the attempt to fit the mysteries of God in the mind of Man.

  4. Greg ends every “talk” of his with the nefarious “sinners prayer”.. of course he rejects sound, biblical, historical Christianity. Please repent Greg. Praying for you and your flock. 2 Timothy 4:3

  5. While these types of arguments and discussions are fascinating indeed, the Bible does seem to support different positions. I think focusing more on loving people, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, and witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ is a better way to spend our time.

  6. How does anyone even get through the book Romans and declare, I have free will to choose God on my own. I'd love to see Greg Laurie bring in Jeff Durbin, James White, or Mark Dever and have a debate in front of his congregation on an off night. It would be clear to his congregation that he needs biblocal help and is doing a disservice to the doctrines of grace and calvinism but ultimately a disservice to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's sad to hear people amen-ing that guy.

  7. Moody and spurgeon were calvinist.
    And the whosoever in scripture is a modern translation that absolutely misconstrues the original Greek and Hebrew.
    Roman's 9 is a good starting point and lays it pretty clear that predestination is in fact true and glorious

  8. God is sovereign and in His sovereignty He has decided that sinners must choose the savior in order to receive the gift of everlasting life..Gods sovereignty and mans free will working together..difficult to grasp yet the scriptures teach both. Gods love and mercy! To good to keep to ourselves..Acts 4:20

  9. Why has there been this confusion for so many years there’s no paradox in scripture concerning this God in his sovereignty gave man free will, and no where in scripture does it ever talk about people being pre-destined to heaven or elected to heaven people are elect to the body of Christ and that’s done after or I should say at the same time that you’re born again as soon as you put your faith in Christ you become the elect in Christ. Even the example that Greg gave for predestination said what they’re being predestined to, and it wasn’t heaven.

  10. And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 2 Timothy 2:24
    I don't believe for me personally I will ever have a clear understanding of all the details of how God transforms a sinners heart to love him and I don't have to. I'm just glad He saved me. All the glory to God! Arguing for Calvinism vs Armenism in my experience only leads to division not that it isn't good to point out differences in a theological debate it just cant be done properly in the comment section of a YouTube video. Go find a Christian brother/sister that has another point of view on this topic pray together and serve one another. Its precisely because of the bible that they believe the way they do. Build each other up. And we will all be able to ask Jesus about this when we go see him face to face.


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