Gary Lane, senior international correspondent for CBN News, breaks down the incredible claims coming out of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his violent onslaught, is God helping Israel and answering prayers? Listen to these reported stories and hear Lane explain why continued prayer throughout the conflict is essential.

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  1. Yes, he is. Because the Russian hurting kids and elderly. But God dos not wanted to heart any one. Unless it's necessary.

  2. Its not a ufo, its all God ,God will never fail or forsaken us be strong and of good courage brothers and sisters.
    everyone everywhere is praying for all of Ukraine and all who are fighting for Ukraine.
    Prayers sent for all who are being efficient by the war . God bless all my brothers and sisters around the world.

  3. Yes pray for peace because even the Russian soldiers are some mothers sons it’s tragic for all The man Putin and his cohorts should have the wrath of Gods miracle I’m praying that Peace and freedom will come soon 🙏✝️🌈

  4. If God is fighting for Ukraine then obviously we must pray for Ukraine to win the war! this is the only way for peace to be restored and we must also pray that God would hook Putin by his jaws to meet those Ukraine people he has killed!

  5. Praise God!!! I absolutely believe that! My Nephew served 2 tours in Iraq (2004-present) & he was given a great Miracle during wartime.
    In the 2nd Tour he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and felt more responsible for his troops than ever. So, whenever He went on a mission He asked All to bow their heads & pray that God would keep them save.
    And one day as they were doing on a mission he & his troops were under heavy fire.
    They cried out to God and ask Him to help him & his troopers to be delivered at that minute, and a great Miracle was done by a Sandstorm!!!
    One minute they were under heavy fire from the enemy, the next minute there was a huge Sandstorm and 10 minutes later the enemy were gone!!!
    My Nephew is the kind of Man that wouldn't lie about it so I absolutely do believe it.
    I've heard of so many miracles in wartime but this is the first one I've personally heard about.
    Great to remind us that God is always in Control of the Hearts of Men (&Others) in wartime or times of Peace❤️

  6. If god was real he’d have saved children in Africa who are dying from starvation and he’d have stopped Putin from invading Ukraine. I won’t even talk about covid🤷‍♀️It’s time to wake up ppl and realise religion is just a social club

  7. We serve a living God who cares. He is the God of peace. If the army of Ukraine turn to him n believe his promise of defending those fihhting for justice victoru will achieve.

  8. Yesss..God is for the righteous!!! Ukrainian people were and still attacked..still butchered by Russians!! Ukrainian people are praying..millions of people over the world are praying day and night for Ukraine and President Zelensky!!! Do not underestimate what God can do putin!! Its just sad that innocent people in Russia also suffer under this "hitler "maniac!! God bless Ukraine and President Zelensky..slava Ukraine

  9. As a Christian who supported even the 700 Club and other Christian channels of the American far right, I can categorically say that I'm so disappointed with the manner in which Christians in America are conducting themselves. So unChristlike. Your behavior made me distance myself from the church while struggling to maintain a relationship with God.

  10. Russia is taking out biological weapons labs. If u take a map of those US labs in Ukraine and lay a map of where Russia has attacked… they become the same map. Wake up sheeple


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