Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician serving as the current President of the Russian Federation since 7 May 2012, previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008.

Born: October 7, 1952 (age 65), Saint Petersburg, Russia
Presidential terms: May 7, 2000 – May 7, 2008, May 7, 2012 – Trending
Spouse: Lyudmila Putina (m. 1983–2014)
Political parties: United Russia (2008–2012), MORE
Children: Yekaterina Putina, Mariya Putina

Royal Arch Masonry
Royal Arch Masonry is the first part of the York Rite system of the Masonic degrees. Royal Arch Masons meet as a Chapter, and the Royal Arch Chapter confers four degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason.

Russian Bear. The Russian Bear is a widespread symbol (generally of a Eurasian brown bear) for Russia, used in cartoons, articles and dramatic plays since as early as the 16th century, and relating alike to the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the present-day Russian Federation.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. Revelation 13:2

Trump, Obama, Putin, Xi Jinping, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Erdoğan, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, The Queen, The Pope, and the other puppets are driving to bring in their one world antichrist. Don’t put your trust in man. Put your trust in Jesus.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6
God bless you and your families. Know Jesus! (1 Corinthians 15:1-4) Best relationship you will ever have.

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  1. God number is 7 and Gentiles number is 6……Seven Heads are heads of Yahweh. 😀 True churches have been source of evil from their beginning and our history have been altered by Jews and i no longer hear scapegoating anymore.

  2. You mean puppet of the jews, because they infiltrated the vatican decades ago, and the pope is a freemason, and freemasonry is a "jewish construct from beginning to end."

  3. This very insignia was on a wall in a Catholic Church (Australia) where Fiona Barnett was forced as a young child to watch hideous sacrifices of young children, on their alter. WHY WOULD THESE TWO EAGLES BE ON THE WALL OF A CHURCH

  4. WOw they sure do alot of hand shaking the ol' satanic Hand shake these fools just now 1 more almost another year they keep bringing their A-Game of Lawlessness but Live Their lives Lavishly! I'm sorry to say too that Putin is a Major sellout! Just sooo! Yuck! But Jesus Wins!! 😘 Amen! 👍 😉

  5. Question :: what does the Antichrist ,the many false Christ ,the pope and the false prophet all have in common ?
    Answer : they're all the same person as viewed by John the apostle , season a political leader makes a false conversion accepting Christ and Christianity and appearing outwardly to follow and believe in his teachings. The world is ruled by two groups d Antichrist the Roman Catholic Church and the so-called Jews who reject Jesus and blaspheme the judgment of God using the rainbow symbol to identify them and the transgender and gay people they keep promoting !

  6. Thank you for this fascinatingly horrifying information re: Masonry
    I have come to realise how Satan has been roaming around Earth since the war in Heaven, after Micheal flung Lucifer from the Heavens and from the presence of the Most High. Instead of remorse, Lucifer filled his thoughts with revenge! He has been manipulating human minds ever since, throughout the ages. Now that his secret language is being revealed through his use of signs and symbols, it is easy to identify the cabal by their imagery. Being a history student, i see the pattern of behaviour generated amongst the ruling class as being un-natural to God's law.( revealed at Mt Sinai via Ten Commandments).
    It has always been a seed war. Satan wants God's creation destroyed! Thankfully, the Most High has revealed His word to us through the holy scripture.
    YHWH is the only living God, so His word is His word from time beyond my human comprehension. I am a believer in the Messiah being the One born in Bethlehem, from the lineage of King David, the giant killer. The war is already won! We, as a collective consciousness, just haven't fully realised this fact yet! Perhaps to understand the enemy is what turns your mind in prayer toward Christ who is chosen to judge the evil ones and deliver the sheep through their ardent repentance! Forgiveness through Christ clears the path toward real enlightenment! For now, as prophesied in the 'book of revelation', John of Patmos wrote from his visions about the 'end times' involving that 'remote generation', Enoch , our common grandfather and 7th from Adam, referred to. During this time, a 'great unveiling' of all things once held secret and hidden from the general population would be revealed.( Satan rules through mind kontrol) I rejoice that the time of shared information and of the great unveiling of the absolute truth has begun! This is why i choose to 'wear the world like a loose garment'. I pray to God through Jesus Christ. I observe Christ's teachings and words. I am a sinner. I am not here to judge! I am here to witness! The truth finally leaks out from a source that can not be silenced! Slowly but surely, the absolute truth is being revealed across the world.
    Read the Holy scriptures, persevere at your quest for truth brothers and sisters, because Jesus Christ really is coming!

  7. Για να μην λέμε ότι θέλουμε και κάνουμε Mix την αλήθεια και το ψέμα η μητέρα του των βάπτισε όταν ήταν μικρό παιδί κρυφά από των πατέρα του και εδώ λέτε ότι είναι Εβραία ποια η αλήθεια?

  8. Why are these world player playing this role: they also know the prophesies of the Bible…..
    Are they really thinking that they are able to win?

  9. I was reading in Daniel this morning and Putin suddenly came to mind. He does fit the “qualifications” of the coming Antichrist. He is a king of the north; man of war; has no desire of women; uses flattery; has Jewish blood – his mother was Jewish (doesn’t regard the God of his father’s); and has a stout look about him (brave, proud, strong, bold, resolute – 1828 Dictionary).

  10. Our first two names are our Christian names and they’re on our birth certificates as just the that, we’re supposed to be a creditor in those names, but then there’s another name that they created by deception and created a business with them by incorporating the first two names with the last or family name as a nome de guare or war name. We’re all allowing fraud to happen by using those names of incorporation whenever we identify ourselves with them, if we look 👀 closely we see that the certificates are not your titles but a certificate that is a bank 🏦 note 📝 that should be rendered or redeemed unto the bank of issue for redemption of our property rights and souls held by catholic church’s ecclesiastical trust known as the ciestui que via trust through the banking act of London of 1666. Google the act and read it to know why they already consider us dead 💀 by using their fictitious identification cards or whatever they created in fraud. We should return everything that they created in fraud and demand our property returned. We could all do this within a week, remember three days to cancel any contracts and three days to create our new system ( tacit procurement), so in three days we can destroy the church’s ecclesiastical trust and in three days rise up a new church’s system in truth with full disclosure of the terms and conditions for redemption of ourselves from the freemason thugs. Let’s end this fraud and create our own logical government with logical laws and rules that we are based on morality and freedom.

  11. ON THE WITCHES OF PUTIN: EL COLMO DEL COLMO. Politicians and police swear on a bible where the public enemy number one is the devil. The adversity of life. Who came to steal, kill and destroy the father of lies. Their sorcerers destroy everything that the state seeks: they get sick, they break businesses, they go mad, they possess, they generate impotence, they separate couples, and without a doubt they sacrifice people for an eternal youth and powers, of course they will not recognize this but we are going to believe to liars? fools we would be naive and let them let us twine the rope around the neck until it's too late. Many do not do anything out of fear: error, so they empower themselves and that they want to do but if we play by the light of Christ we will be covered with power I will sell from above. Much is criticized by the ICAR, by the inquisition but much worse are the witchcraft, which is the worst of sins because it opens the door to the densest of the lower astral plane for demons to enter here with thirst for blood to kill and destroy the objective but as a crazy force chaotically continues destroying this park that God gave us turning it into a nuclear dump. Get out, let's allow that madness? With the millions of dollars that the state invests for and for the people. Allowing witchcraft is pure madness is not seeing and if it is for a good that is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, there will come a celestial inquisition that no one can complain about because God says. ANSIO BE AN ACCUSING WITNESS AGAINST WITCHES AND WITCHES. AMEN AND AMEN COME LORD JESUS. YAVE REPRESENTS YOU SATAN. PRAYED BE GOD AND CRISTOREY and blessed also be the Archangel Michael who leaves and left the devil as in that little picture. GOD BLESS YOU
    PRAYER TO ATTACK THE DEVIL DURING THE MILLENNIUM. That for our sincere repentance of our sins and for the light of faith in this prayer made to God in the Name of Jesus Christ, spiritually united with my brothers, the Father listen to the following petition: That by the fulfillment of his word, with his angels and their light, the devil is bound for a thousand years in hell as promised in his word Revelation 20. That for the Glorious Blood of Jesus, the evil stalker of souls be neutralized throughout the millennium. May the Archangel Michael and his legions leave the infernal accuser as in that little stamp. At last. So that all the Judeo-Christian values ​​and principles that synthesize the Bible shine: love, good, light, faith, peace, truth, justice, freedom, reason, union, progress, health, well-being, fulfilling those other happy words apocalypse 12 They say: A fallen the accuser who day and night accused our brothers in front of the throne of God. Glory to God. So be it, love and love and Shalom Israel. May the devil be bound with the light of God for a thousand years (3 times minimum) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-QDHEEEGVg
    Show less

    Brothers in Christ, let us realize that the devil's kingdom is darkness: confusion, error, lies, error, mistake, irrationality, to trap acolytes rains a dark rain on his victim and blocks the mental farm so that he can not think, that reveals that he will regret later when his daze ceases and that he will kill that repentance causing others to fall as he fell. This perpetuates this war that will not be eternal thanks to God, in Revelation, John reveals that an Angel will bring a great chain that will bind the evil one forever. That chain is of light and prayers see: when we meditate on the truth: That God is omnipotent, omniscient and all-embracing, that light can against darkness because it is, darkness is only absence of light, therefore if I make light darkness it disappears, it is an illusion. If I meditate that believing in Jesus is the salvation agreed upon in the higher spheres, that the angels of God care with zeal for those who zealously love God, that evil by logic can never reign because they betray and destroy themselves, all against all, only light can reign as brotherhood, union, good creation. If I think, remember and meditate on this, I am making light, literally, that "aforces" me the aura and the chakras, illuminates me, sorcerers can see it, disgust and repulsion because they make me feel bad about their misdeeds, that same light moves them away and paralyzes them And that we can take a turn higher, we can get ahead of the devil and tie him before the attack, of his misdeeds, "preventive prayer". And if on top we spiritually united worldwide all the minds of the world in the name of Jesus, saying a prayer to bind the evil one will fulfill the blessed prophecy of John. Glory to God.


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