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The Battle of Armageddon is a real war that the Bible predicts will happen in the future. Ezekiel specifically prophesies about the nations that will converge against Israel for this climactic battle, led by a Russian-Iranian alliance. And although other nations will question why these nations are converging against Israel, no one will step up to help Israel… except the Lord Almighty! Jesus will return to strike down the nations that have waged war against Israel (and the God of Israel), and He will establish His kingdom on earth for 1000 years, known as the Kingdom Age. Today, Pastor Gary unpacks the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 regarding the End Times.

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  1. Whoa calm down a minute buddy wait a minute aren't the armies of Gog and Magog destroyed on the mountains of Israel prior to will we all know as Armageddon the gathering Armageddon is nothing battle Armageddon is the gathering point okay so I'm not agreeing with you at all here Gog and Magog are destroyed on the mountains of Israel 7 months before they can bury the dead and they will burn the fuels of the weapons of war for 7 years tell me if I'm wrong about this inquiring minds want to know do you want to call yourself pastor fine pastor whatever you want to claim your title as I totally disagree with you I think you're in error sir good day
    I would agree with you about your Revelation bringing it all that everything is coming to the last battle called Armageddon but you know what the one thing it says the Gog and Magog will be destroyed on the mountains of Israel and their weapons will be burned for 7 years I think that's a conflict of your theology but thank you very much I don't concur with you sir

  2. Just a note to say America is found starting
    at Revelation 13:11, Then…another Beast
    coming out of the earth 🌎 …2horns like
    A Lamb yet Spoke Like A Dragon 🐉 This
    tells of the Great Religious Deception
    coming right alongside all the geopolitical
    Upheaval and the Real Reason for Mandating
    for The Mark of the Beast Or Can't Buy or Sell
    Check ✔️ this out. ♦️K

  3. The Russian/Iran alliance was an "unintended consequence" or… was it intentional? Things like this don't happen by mistake. We have no reason to believe the world's governments aren't already colluding and aligning.

  4. The church will be raptured before the battle of armeggedon. Review 4:1 there is no mention of the church after chapter 3, only tribulation saints, those who weren’t saved before the rapture.

  5. I wonder if there was an extra crispy place for Hitler for 6-11 million jews he murdered in ways that can only be described as demonic. Did not alot of people think Hitler was either the anti christ or Satan himself in those days. Man is the most deadly creature on the planet which is amazing that Jesus made a way for his followers a path to heaven. Praise the lord for he is a gracious and forgiving God.


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