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The last nine chapters of Ezekiel deal with the “Kingdom Age” (also known as the “Millennial Reign”) when Christ returns to the Earth to rule and reign for 1000 years. What will life be like during that time? Where will Christians be and what will we be doing? Pastor Gary unpacks the closing chapters of Ezekiel as we look into the future concerning the Second Coming of Christ and the Millennial Reign.

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  1. This person of God is an amazing teacher, uses the word of God to minister every step of the way. I like it. And I thank the Lord for leading me to this church via this channel. My baby steps to Spiritual strength are ordered! Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. AMEN.

  2. It cannot be "The End Times" of "Jesus' Return" and "The Rapture" any Time Soon, because these Scriptures must be Fulfilled First:  # 1: John the Baptist Quoted "The End Time Sign" of {ISAIAH 40:4-5 NIV} That: 

          "All the Valleys will be Filled In, and All the Mountains will be Leveled, and the Whole Earth made Smooth. Then the Whole World will See the Salvation of the Lord." {LUKE 3:5-6}

            {MATTHEW 24:16} Jesus says when You see the Abomination that causes Desolation spoken of by the Prophet Daniel then let those that are in Judea flee to the Mountains.

           Scriptures make it clear that the Desolation is when those Leveling all the Mountains of the Earth come to Level the last of Earth's Mountains: the Temple Mount and God's Holy Mount Zion.

          {ISAIAH 52:10} "When the Lord returns to Zion they will see it with their own Eyes."

           I saw in a Documentary about Finding the Lost Ark of the Covenant Inside the present Mount Zion with Jesus' Blood dripped on it because of the Great EarthQuake after Jesus died. DNA Testing Proved the Blood was Jesus' because it only had the Mother's DNA. Proving the present Mount Zion is where Jesus was Crucified. 

           It is not the same Mount Zion as in the Old Testament. Symbolic I Believe, of the Difference between New Testament being of the Grace of Jesus, compared to the Old Testament of the Law of Moses.

           So when Jesus Transforms the Earth into a Paradise with Mountains and Valleys again for His Thousand Year Reign, it will be an Extraordinary Miracle with His Temple on Mount Zion, the Highest of Earth's Mountains! {MICAH 4:1}

         As of now, there are Taller Mountains on Earth other than Mount Zion. But the present Mount Zion is the Tallest Mountain in Israel.

         # 2 {MATTHEW 24:29-31} Immediately after the Distress of those Days, the Sun will be darkened, and the Moon won't give its Light; and the Stars will fall from the Sky, and the Heavenly Bodies will be shaken. 

            Then Everyone will See as Jesus Returns on the Clouds of Heaven with Power and Great Glory. And He will send His Angels with a loud Trumpet Call, and They will gather up His Elect from the Four Winds from one end of the Heavens to the other. 

          So, according to Jesus "The Rapture" happens after all these Terrible Things happen in the Sky- not before.

         # 3: God Promised us Thousands of more Years from now before "The End Times" when God Swore with an Everlasting Oath to Give Abraham's Descendants the Land of Canaan as Their Inheritance for a Thousand Generations. {1 CHRONICLES 16:15-18 & PSALMS 105:8-11} 

           {MATTHEW 1-17} List the 42 Generations from Abraham to David to Jesus. 

            At an Average of just 20 Years per Generation Born from then on would take over 19,160 Years to Birth the remaining 958 Generations God Promised Abraham's Descendants would Inherit the Land of Canaan.

           Minus the 2022 Years since Christ. Since Our Calendars are based on Before Jesus' Birth and After His Death BC/AD. 

           That leaves over 17,000 more Years before God destroys the Earth with Fire.

           As {REVELATIONS 20:9} says God destroys the Earth with sudden Fire from the Sky shortly after letting the Devil out of the Prison that the Devil was locked in for the Thousand Years of Jesus' Reign after the Devil stirs up the People Born during the Thousand Years for a Battle against the Lord. {REVELATIONS 20:4-9}

         {ZEPHANIAH 1 & 2} God tells about destroying the Earth and Everything on it with Fire, and mentions destroying Canaan by Name.

            Minus 1000 Years for Jesus' Thousand Year Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth- that would leave over 16,000 Years from now until Jesus' Return and "The Rapture" of the Elect could take Place.   

           Yet, Only the People that had been Killed for Their Testimony of Jesus are Resurrected back to Life to Reign with Jesus during His Thousand Years Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth. The Rest of the Dead are Resurrected after the Thousand Years. {REVELATIONS 20:4-5}

            Chapter 21 starts with the Righteous being Given a New Heavens and a New Earth with a New Jerusalem, where the Lord wipes away all Tears, and there is No more Death, No more Pain, nor Sorrow. For the former Earth has passed away.

            God put His Supernatural Signature within the First Chapter of MATTHEW that Lists the 42 Generations from Abraham to Jesus- to Prove that God Indeed Inspired it Letter by Letter; and Jesus is as His Name Means: God With Us! {MATTHEW 1:23}

           See THE SIGNATURE OF GOD Book by Grant Jefferies about that.

           Where I also Learned about the many Impossible Prophetic Messages that God Encoded within the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures to Undeniably Prove that God Indeed Inspired each Letter to be just as each Letter is in the Original Hebrew Scriptures.

         The Most Significant Bible Codes Message found so far is: JESUS IS MY NAME Encoded at Equal 20 Letter Spaces from First Letter to Last within the Hebrew Scripture: {ISAIAH 53:10} 

           "Yet it was the Will of the Lord to Crush Him and cause Him to Suffer and though the Lord makes His Life an Offering for Sin He will See His Offspring and prolong His Days and the Will of the Lord will Prosper in His Hands."  

             God Encoded JESUS IS MY NAME in Hebrew within the Prophecy over 700 Years before Jesus fulfilled it. 

            {ISAIAH 9:6} "For unto us a child is Born, to us a Son is given, and the Governments will be on His Shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." 

           Jesus said: "Truly I tell You, Whoever Hears my Words and Believes Him who sent me has Eternal Life, and will not be Judged but has crossed over from Death to Life." {JOHN 5:24}

             After Jesus' Resurrection He said: "A New Commandment I Give to You, that You must Love One Another as I have Loved You. By this Everyone will Know that You are my Disciples, if You Love One Another." {JOHN 13:34-35} 

            Why at the Final Judgment of {MATTHEW 25:31-46} the One Difference between the Righteous that are Rewarded with Eternal Rewards, and the Evil Ones Punished with the Devil with Eternal Punishment: 

            Is that the Righteous were Kind and Helpful to the Needy People in Their Lives, and Jesus considered Their Kindnesses to Others to be as Kindnesses to Him.

          Yet the Evil Ones had not been Kind and Helpful to the Needy in Their Lives, and Jesus considered Their Lack of Kindness to Others to be as a Lack of Kindness to Him. 

           But Jesus said many Times that He didn't come for the Righteous, He came to seek and Save the Lost. {LUKE 5:32 &19:10}

             Like the Good Shepherd that leaves the 99 Sheep to find the One Lost Lamb, Jesus will come to Save each and Every One. For it is the Will of the Father that none should Perish! {MATTHEW 18:12-14}

            "No One is cast off from the Lord Forever, though He brings Grief, He will have Compassion. For so Great is His Unfailing Love." {LAMENTATIONS 31-32}

              As Jesus said, after Teaching us how to Pray: "God will Forgive You all Your Sins as long as You Forgive Everyone Their Sins against You. But if You do not Forgive Everyone Their Sins against You, then God won't Forgive You Your Sins." {MATTHEW 6:14-15}

             So Unforgiving is the Unforgivable Sin: Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. {LUKE 12:10}

             Because as Jesus hung Tortured on a Cross, He Asked God: "Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do." { LUKE 23:34}

             More than Anything else Jesus said is: "Do not Worry!" 

              "For even the Hairs on Your Head are all numbered." {MATTHEW 10:30 & LUKE 12:7}

             "You saw my Unformed Body, all the Days Ordained for me were Written in Your Book Lord, before One of them came to be." {PSALMS 139:16}     

              God Promises: "Surely as I have Planned it so it will be, and as I have Purposed, so it will happen." {ISAIAH 14:24}

              God Works Everything out for the Good! {ROMANS 8:28}

              Jesus says that Those that have the most to be Forgiven, will be the Ones that will end up Loving Him the most. {LUKE:7:4

  3. I’m sorry, you have nade this unbelievable, way too confusing and NOW, I am not sure of anything. I’m 76 and don’t have a lot of time left as it is…I will have to Rest in my faith and pray that whatever happens will be for the best.

  4. Ummm. No, I can’t visualize myself being 300 years old..there will be SO MANY WRINKLES, I would be pretty ugly. Also, aren’t we supposed to live FOREVER once we have Risen? See how confusing this is?

  5. Ummm. No, I can’t visualize myself being 300 years old..there will be SO MANY WRINKLES, I would be pretty ugly. Also, aren’t we supposed to live FOREVER once we have Risen? See how confusing this is?

  6. Too much of this is confusing!…IF we are to be brought up into Heaven…Aren’t we all supposed to Worship God continually? WHO are these “People” left on Earth if God has returned and Destroyed all of Earth? Those who did not believe during the 7 years would have been eliminated…so this is very, very confusing!

  7. IF we Gentiles are to be in the Millennium with Christ Jesus, and then we are to “Serve” the Priests in control of the rest of the “people”…this is confusing. In the Millenium aren’t we ALL supposed to be Saved?

  8. ruling over who? no traffic light? no need to eat? earth quakes had destroyed the whole earth.. no school, hopsital, churches, no Super markets cell phones internet..how?? where to get the cows and bulls.. all destroyed… so back to Old Covenant…

  9. ???????? Where in scripture do we learn that the Rapture takes place before the anti-Christ comes on the scene.
    I’m not talking about the 3 1/2 years after the Tribulation starts when he enters into the Temple and declares himself to be god.

  10. At 19:45 about those saved during tribulation…another theory is that there is NO earthly passage into the kingdom age because all those who accept Christ will be killed off, some say beheaded, some say for not taking the mark of the beast. Therefore those on earth at the second coming are all unbelievers and those that come with Christ are all believers.


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